Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Kissing Tree by Prudence Bice


After five long years, Georgiana McLaughlin returns to the only place she’s ever considered home—the same place she stole a kiss from Ridge Carson under the community “kissing tree.” But this time he’s a man, and reconciling their past is just the beginning. You’ll find yourself applauding each new chapter filled with fun, romance, and adventure in this captivating, heartfelt tale of love, friendship, and finding your way back.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Georgiana at 13, she steals a kiss from Ridge Carson under the town kissing tree, just before she leaves her hometown in Colorado to move with her mother and brothers to New York. With a miserable home life because of her aunt, she jumps at the opportunity to return to Colorado to help her grandfather. Her heart has always yearned for Ridge, but when she sees him all grown up, she struggles with her desires for Ridge and her commitment to her beau, Dawson, back in New York. Will she choose the man she has loved all her life or will she go with the safer, family approved choice of Dawson?

I loved Georgiana’s character, how she behaves and even struggles to be a proper lady in a wild land of Colorado. Georgiana’s fiery temper is hilarious, especially when looking at her thought process on why she gets upset. She has so much spunk, that you can’t help but cheer her on when she finally gets a good word in towards her grandfather or Ridge. My favorite quote that shows off her spunk is: “‘There you have it, Ridge Carson.’ She beamed down at him, proud she hadn’t lost her nerve. ‘I’ve stolen a kiss and you can never have it back!’” HA! Too funny! Only if you had really have spunk would you come off with a comment like that!

And to top it all off, she is so accident prone, that you can be sure that there are quite a few laughs after what happens. I know some of her accidents have even happened in my own life. The best part is how Ridge always seems to be there, and he definitely always seems to see the humor in most of the situations.

Ridge’s character is a strong, able character that is almost the epitome of every girl’s dream man. He is honest, he has a sense of humor, he has a great work ethic, and is fully devoted to the woman he loves. Hmm, that is so sexy. You just want Ridge to keep fighting for Georgiana, even when she is determined to not follow her heart.

Overall, this is a very good book. There were several cliché moments that lead me to believe that the aunt hid the letters that were received / prevented mailed letters sent. It seems to be a common thing for mail to be kept from a character as a means of creating chaos in the story. Also, there was a bit of a formula to the novel. I could tell as soon as Dawson came into the story where that was going, and that was just one example. The one character that did ensure that there was some twist to the plot was Cordelia. I never expected her to do what she did, and it did help the story not be so monotonous.

I do recommend this book for an easy read.

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  1. This book sounds like a fun read and I love the cover. Thanks for the review!


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