Informational: Book Tour & Book Review Policies

I am NOT Accepting any book reviews at this time.  If I have promised you a review and you have not received it by email, please email me at

I am willing to review  paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and YA Paranormal/Fantasy .  I do occasionally read books outside of these genres, so just ask and I'll let you know within 48 hours.  
A few things to be aware of before requesting a tour or review:

  • I will not read any of the following genres for reviews: Horror, thriller, literary fiction, contemporary fiction, suspense, nonfiction, memoirs, books on religion, or any other books along those lines.  If you request that I read one of these, you will automatically be declined any reviews.  
  • Any review that is requested outside of this form will automatically be declined (This means if it is sent to my email address or through the comment form below, I'll automatically delete the request and will not respond).

Preferred Formats:
  • Bound
  • E-Books (I have a Sony E-reader)

Review Policies:
  • All book reviews are done with books that have been borrowed from friends or the library, bought from a store (whether online or at a physical store), won from another site, approved through Netgalley, or has been received from a publisher or author.  
  • All reviews, no matter how they come into my possession, will have honest reviews.  All my reviews are free, no monetary gain.  
  • All books are read within 1 month of being received.  If that is not possible, contact will be made to notify the responsible parties.  
  • All reviews will be published here at Place of Reads, Netgalley (if applicable), and on  Any additional websites (i.e., etc.) will need to be requested.  
  • If the book is an ARC, I will publish the review no earlier than 1 month before the expected published date.  If it is needed prior to that time, please email me.  
  • I am willing to read self-published books.  

All Reviews Contain:

Book Cover
Description from Goodreads or similar site

My Rating System:

5 stars: Buy it, borrow it, rent it, steal it if you have too (and only if you are willing to pay the price of being a thief!), but you have got to READ this book!! Your life depends on it.

4 stars: I truly LOVE this book, and can't wait for more from this author!

3 stars: It held my attention, it took me for a ride, but I can honestly say that I won't be re-reading the book anytime soon.

2 stars: It was a good thought at the time, but ummmmm....  It was lacking, to put it nicely.

1 star: I hate using this number... It is like that last piece of anchovy and pineapple pizza, so sad, so alone, and no one eats it.  :( This is normally a rating I give a book that I didn't finish.  

If you have any questions, feel free to leave it down below with your email address, and I'll contact you within 48 hours.