Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Bit of a Vacation!

Hello all my dear, dear friends.  After a grueling holiday schedule, working 2 jobs, and being just plain tired, I made a decision for February.  I'll be taking a vacation from the blog from February 1, 2012 through February 18, 2012.  I'll pick up blog posts on February 19, 2012.  I'll pick back up with all the books I've read during my vacation, catch up with all the memes and find out what y'all have been reading while I've been gone.  :)

See y'all in a few weeks!

Happy Reading!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kiss of the Vampire by Cynthia Garner


Once a generation, the rift between the paranormal world and the human world opens, allowing supernatural entities to cross. Vampire, demon, or shapeshifter, they can save the world-or send it spiraling into chaos.<

Half-demon, half-human, Nix de la Fuente is accepted by neither and mistrusted by both. Determined to prove she's more human than not, she devotes herself to solving crimes between the world's mortals and its most unsavory undead. But her latest case brings her face to face with the one vampire she could never resist . . .

Called in to investigate a string of violent murders, special agent Tobias Caine isn't interested in rekindling his relationship with Nix. Yet one look and the vampire knows his need for her is as strong as ever. Once, their all-consuming passion nearly cost Nix her fragile hold on her humanity. Now, as their hunger for one another intensifies, exposing them to an unimaginable danger, it could cost them both their lives.

My Review:

Kiss of the Vampire (Warriors of the Rift, #1)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Nix is a hybrid, half demon/half human, working for the council of Preternaturals as the human liaison. When attacks on vampires brings back her old flame, Tobias, she isn’t sure whether she hates him, or wants to just rip off his clothes and have her way with him.
Tobias hasn’t seen Nix in five years, and the only reason he left was because he felt that it was the only way to save her sanity from her conflicting demon side. He thinks he can stay strong, not tempt her demon to come out and play, but in such tight quarters as looking for a murderer, things do not always go as planned.
As secrets are revealed, and friends and enemies take their places in this game of life or death, will Nix and Tobias survive long enough to be together, or is forever too much to ask?

Every now and then, you read a book that accomplishes all that you need a book to do. I mean, I read books all the time, and really I read for specific reasons. It is what I do for fun, to relieve stress, and to just plain get away from the real world. And this book accomplished all three of those requirements.

In this first book in the series Warriors of the Rift, Cynthia Garner creates a great spin on the preternaturals that we knew, loved and feared. Here we find out that preternaturals are not actually from Earth, but rather from another dimension, and they take over human bodies. To top it all off, we discover, that the preternaturals have “come out of the closet” so to speak, and the world is not only aware of them, but they know how they arrive: Through the rift every 73 years or so.

Nix is a great character. With all her baggage of her childhood, you can’t help but want her to win, to show that she can. Because she is part demon, she faces so much bias and discrimination; sometimes you would think that it would just be easier to forget about being half demon. Unfortunately, she is already walking a tight line, as most hybrid human/demon children go crazy in their early twenties. She is now in her late twenties and is constantly worrying about loosing her sanity, her humanity.

Then there is Tobias. He is the epitome of a great male character: gentleman, lover, protector, and just plan stupid at times (didn’t see that one coming did you?). He makes decisions to protect Nix, without consulting her… It is why they were separated for five years, because he felt that it was because of him that she would loose her sanity. Honestly, you want him to protect you, because you know that it is done in love.

With some great supporting characters, and some really funny scenes with Nix scrambling to do some tai chi, you can count on some humorous points mixed in with the blood, guts, and romance.

I must say, I really liked this book. With the mystery of why there seems to be a vampire serial killer, the romance between Nix and Tobias, and the action scenes between any of the preternaturals, you just can’t help enjoying yourself as you read it. Only point that I think might have helped was something other than the “editorial” to introduce the preternatural story. I mean, it was good introduction, but I think that there could have been a better one, maybe with a bit more explanation of vampires or demons. Overall, I highly recommend this book, and I’m looking forward to reading more in this series.

Happy Reading!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday: The Selection by Kiera Cass

Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.
This week's pre-publication "can't-wait-to-read" selection is: 

The Selection by Kiera Cass


For thirty-five girls, the Selection is the chance of a lifetime. The opportunity to escape the life laid out for them since birth. To be swept up in a world of glittering gowns and priceless jewels. To live in the palace and compete for the heart of the gorgeous Prince Maxon. 

But for America Singer, being Selected is a nightmare. It means turning her back on her secret love with Aspen, who is a caste below her. Leaving her home to enter a fierce competition for a crown she doesn't want. Living in a palace that is constantly threatened by violent rebel attacks. 

Then America meets Prince Maxon. Gradually, she starts to question all the plans she's made for herself- and realizes that the life she's always dreamed of may not compare to a future she never imagined.


  1. Kind of sounds like a modern retelling of Esther, with a few exceptions.  
  2. Distopia!  Who doesn't like distopia?
  3. It just sounds like a great book.  There will be romance (possible love triangle), action, betrayal, and maybe a happy ending (?).  
  4. Interesting how the cover looks like there are different girls in the room, but they are all one girl in the same dress in a room of mirrors. 
What are you waiting on?

Happy Reading!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Changeling Dawn by Dani Harper



Shadow and moonlight merge beneath her bare feet, 
the forest floor blurring as she flees the dogs and torches. Werewolf, monster -- those are the names given her kind by the humans who hate them. 


Kenzie Macleod has spent her whole life hiding what she is, and she’s not about to open up to any man, even one as powerfully attractive as wildlife expert Josh Talarkoteen. But legend says that a Changeling cannot escape the call of her true mate, even in the wilderness of backcountry Alaska. 


An isolated archeological site, a terrified Changeling cub, a secretive research center -- as Kenzie and Josh face the ultimate betrayal, his obsidian eyes promise untold pleasure and hint at dark secrets of his own 

My Review:

In this third installment of the Changeling series, we meet Kenzie McLeod, the youngest of the McLeod Pack.  Kenzie remembers her first lynch mob that was determined to destroy changelings in Scotland as if it was yesterday, instead of hundreds of years ago.  But because of this, she is on a mission to destroy the bigotry she knows exists and will blow up when changelings are finally revealed to the world.  This is the only reason she went to Alaska.  But it is there that she meets Josh, a human with the gift to detect changelings.  When they have to work together to help a little changeling girl still in wolf form, they start discovering an attraction that can’t be resisted.  But as with all things, nothing comes easy.  Will they be able to survive the coming storm without being pulled apart?

Oh where to start?  First, I loved this book, and I did do a little bit of yelling at the end… And all just because the book ended.  It ended with a lot of hope, and excitement, but it still ended.  I’m hoping that there will be more coming soon from this series. 

So, Kenzie is an interesting character.  Still haunted by the past, she is trying to save future changelings from having the same experience as herself when she was a child.  She is strong, persevering woman who can’t seem to trust humans.  When she comes across Josh, she is pulled in two very different directions: desire and fear.  Desire to be with him, to love him, and the fear that he is human and he will turn on her. 

Josh is a great character.  Not only is he patient for Kenzie, but he also is quite accepting.  He is openly curious about changelings, but he doesn’t even push for the info.  He waits, always waiting, until he finally shows a bit of alpha in him and takes charge of what he wants.  Also, Josh is a great character because he too has witness horrors.  After 9/11, he enlisted and spent years in Afghanistan seeing horror after horror. 

And then there was little Anya.  She was more prevelant in the story than I was first expecting.  She is a resilient little girl who learns about trust, hope, and the success of planning don’t always  work the way we think it will. 

This book provides more background about the McLeod family.  With Birkie, James, Conor, Zoe and Jill, we get to see what has happened since we last read the books.  Babies are born, families are started, and the biggest surprise is at the end. 

I think out of all of the books so far, I liked this one the best.  I mean, who wouldn’t.  Tall, dark and handsome human meets beautiful changeling.  Throw in a kid and have both adults with haunted pasts that won’t let them go (or they are unwilling to let go).  Overall, this is a great read, and I highly recommend this book. 

***Adult Content:  Not appropriate for all readers.***

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Monday, January 23, 2012

What Are You Reading Monday!

It's Monday! What are you reading is hosted by Book Journey . Each week we spotlight the books we are reading, planning on reading or just finished reading.

What I read the past few weeks

What I'm reading

What Will I be Reading? (Well, at least this is the goal :P)

And probably some more... 

What are you reading?

Happy Reading!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dreamsayer by Carrie Olguin


In protected isolation in a castle on planet Damal, Jewel dreamed her own ending with the same gift she uses to save the lives of the people of the Five Worlds. With a choice between burning or continuing in desperate loneliness, she chooses to burn. 

Married when she was five, to form a political alliance, she was widowed before the Unification at age fourteen. Five years later and she's destined to live her 300 year lifespan as the pure and chaste Dreamsayer. No other living man deemed suitable as her mate. 

Wolfe, born of Jorandal heritage on the planet Majien, has the tiger stripes and eyes of a forest hunter. He sees Jewel crying in solitude and decides he must save her. Make her his own. He has the right. She's his wife. Everyone thinks he is dead. 

He steals her away from her castle prison without telling her who he is. They must hide from the powerful forces that tried to kill him before their Unification. Those same unknown persons seek to use Jewel's gift for their own political gain. 

War is brewing between the Five Worlds. Can the Dreamsayer stop the conflict in time?

My Review:

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jewel has lived a sheltered life as the Dreamsayer. Her job is to dream of disaster in order to prevent it. But as she feels herself slowly loose a grip on reality, and the horrors of her own death haunt her dreams, she seems willing to die.

Wolfe, though to be dead husband of Jewel, at first doesn’t know why he even cares what is going to happen to her, except he is drawn to her. Under an alias, he kidnaps her, hoping to save her from the unknown.

Because can Jewel and Wolfe escape what fate keeps placing her Jewel’s dreams or is this the end of the world for them?

I have read prior works by Ms. Olguin, and when I heard that this book was out, I jumped on it like a hungry dog on a bone, and for the most part, I was not disappointed. Jewel, at first, really seemed like a giant airhead, a bit too loopy for my taste. Then finally she seemed to mellow out. Wolfe was the most consistent character EVER! Which is not a bad thing. His constant desire/need to protect Jewel was to be expected, but the willing sacrifice he performed to ensure the safety definitely put him up on a high standards pedestal. Also, how his honor was a huge factor on what he did (and didn’t do) with Jewel was pretty hot.

You can be sure to feel the sexual tension with Wolfe and Jewel, though I wished that there had been a bit more of the romancing that was in the first book (boy, the first book was “steamy”… Which should make you want to read that book to understand!). Also there was a bit of a corny spot where Wolfe is called a “dangersayer”, and it was corny enough that Jewel giggled as she said it. One thing you can definitely count on in this book is that there is way more fighting action, mystery, and twists in this book than in the first book of the series.

Personally, I think the best thing about the whole book was getting to see and know the other planets and species in the Five World’s solar system. With everything from desert and sea to mountains and forests, you were sure to get a good idea on what the worlds were like. Also, you get a better introduction to the foods and cultural ideas of the people of the Five Worlds, which made it a very well-rounded story.

My only issue with the book was how many errors there were. Missing, misspelled, and wrong words were scattered throughout, and there were quite a few grammatical errors. Normally, I’ll bypass this issue in a review, but there were so many it was to the point that it was getting on my nerves and taking away from the story. As long as you can read through them, and not let your English Teacher OCD kick in, you should be good to go.

Overall, this was a very good book, and I do recommend it.

Happy Reading!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vampire Blues by Stephany Simmons


Lian and Figg are still recovering from events that almost destroyed their lives, but when a good friend comes to them with a serious problem, they can't turn him away. Soon, Lian and Figg are neck-deep in local vampire politics and framed for a massacre they had little to do with. On top of that, the local werewolf pack is sniffing around, looking for favors.

My Review:

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Vampires, Werewolves, and Ghosts, Oh My! In the second installment in Ms. Simmons’ series, poor Figg and Lian just seem to be trying to get completely on their feet (and remodeling the pub into a bar) after the zombie attack when a hunter is attacked by a werewolf, with the threat of him becoming one. Then poor Carl is being harassed by vampires, and the werewolves really need to get involved because of the hunter. To top it all off, another vampire shows up seeking help for his stalker in a mini van.

If things couldn’t get any worse, Figg and Lian are trying to figure out what they mean to each other. The question is, will the vampires, werewolves, witches, sorcerers, hunters, and all the ghosts in between will back off long enough for them to think.

Ever read a book, and go “Damn! It ended, and now I have to wait for the next one!”? Well, then this is going to be one of those books. I was so sad, irritated, frustrated, and a bit peeved that it ended and that I now have to wait for the next book to come out… Because it was THAT good.

Personally, I want to grow up just like Figg, especially after reading this book. Not only does she look killer in a pair of impossible heels, she is killer herself. She fights with several vampires, with and without weapons, faces some werewolves and several other shape shifting or “mythical” creatures, all the while as she creates new friends and enemies along the way. Again, I must know where she gets her “Mary Poppins’” purse, because I so desperately need one.

Lian is now starting to grow on me. Before, he seemed a bit unattainable. Now, he is showing his human side, one that is more than willing to strip Figg down to make sure no one (specifically some weres) can claim her. I think in some ways he is realizing his need and desire for Figg, and he is doing it a whole lot faster than she is.

Again, Carl and Boyd are a hoot, though I wish there had been a few more Boyd conversations as I find the 1970’s Gay Ghost to be absolutely hilarious. Plus, we get to meet some new characters that do add some hilarity to the whole mix.

I really liked Skip, and the unusualness of him being a vampire. You normally think of cute/sexy, “Please Mr. Vampire, take my blood and whatever else you want” kind of vampire. Well, he is so not that. Rather, he is a nerdy, pudgy vampire that seems to warrant sympathy rather than lust. Actually, I found Ms. Simmons’ whole vampire myth spin to be refreshing in a lot of ways.

The great thing about this book is that there was fighting, plus a bit of a mystery, and a nice twist in the story line. You can’t help but try and figure out what is going on. Plus the nice happy ending for Figg and Lian was great. There was even bit of a nice sex scene, which was a nice surprise. Though, I think my favorite part of the whole thing was when Lian had to cover Figg with his scent. Can’t say much beyond that, but definitely the funniest, most frustrating part of the whole book!

Overall, I was very pleased with this book and am now DYING for the next one. I hope I don’t have to wait too long on that. Highly recommend.

Happy Reading!


Friday, January 20, 2012

Follow Friday (24)

Welcome to Follow Friday Hosted 

By Parajunkee.com and Alisoncanread.com

Q: What's the craziest thing you've ever done to get your hands on any particular book?

A:  I've only done really 2 crazy things for a book.  I've sat at a book store door at 2 am waiting for them to open the doors so I could get the first copy.  I have had friends from overseas buy the book (Harry Potter!), and then mail it to me.  

What have you done to get a book?

Happy Reading!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Don't Bite the Messenger by Regan Summers


Anchorage, Alaska
The vampire population may have created an economic boom in Alaska, but their altered energy field fries most technology. They rely on hard-living—and short-lived—couriers to get business done...couriers like Sydney Kildare.
Sydney has survived to the ripe old age of twenty-six by being careful. She's careful when navigating her tempestuous clients, outrunning hijackers and avoiding anyone who might distract her from her plan of retiring young to a tropical, vampire-free island.
Her attitude—and immunity to vampires' allure—have made her the target of a faction of vampires trying to reclaim their territory. Her only ally is Malcolm Kelly, a secretive charmer with the uncanny habit of showing up whenever she's in trouble. Caught in the middle of a vampire turf war, Sydney has to count on Malcolm to help her survive, or the only place she'll retire is her grave...

My Review:

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sydney goes by Mary as a runner for a very powerful Vampire in Alaska.  Her only goal is to make it out alive and to get to someplace warm to retire.  But a turf war breaks out, and she is one of the targets.  Only with the help of the mysterious Malcolm can she survive, or will she?

Sydney is a good beginning character.  She has her flaws, she has her baggage, and she has a difficulty trusting anyone.  But then Malcolm comes into the picture, and he starts to turn her world upside down.  She just doesn't seem to know what to do with him.  Or why she is reacting to him the ways she does.  

I loved Malcolm.  He was great character, with the way he wanted to protect Sydney, and even when he finds her in Hawaii, he can't seem to resist wanting to be with her no matter what.  

I think that Ms. Summers did a good job of describing Alaska and the way the lifestyle of a vampire's runner could be extremely dangerous. I will admit, I found the beginning a bit slow, but once Malcolm entered the picture, there was plenty of action to keep my attention.  

This short story is a great intro, could be even considered a prequel for a series if the author should decides to... Which I think would be a great idea.  There are still a lot of secrets between them, both past and present, that would be a great way to lead into another short story, or a full novel.  

Overall this was a great little short story.  I recommend this book for a quick read. 

**Adult content - Not appropriate for all readers**

Happy Reading!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday: Caressed by Night by Amanda J. Greene

Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.
This week's pre-publication "can't-wait-to-read" selection is: 

Caressed by Night by Amanda J. Greene


Dimitri Arsov, the last remaining pure vampire, was thought to be dead for the past four hundreds years. Now, he is back and has a score to settle with the traitor that had tried to kill him centuries ago. But as he waits for his prey to blindly step into his carefully laid trap, his overwhelming hunger for blood is triggered when he saves a beautiful art historian. 

Kerstyn Ingmar’s life was normal and straight up boring until the night she is rescued by the dangerously sexy, powerfully mesmerizing, Dimitri. Unable to resist his diamond blue eyes and intense kisses, she is drawn into his world of darkness and closer to her impending doom. 

While their desire consumes them, Dimitri is haunted by images of a bloody and deadly future. As his enemies draw near, he must find a way to save his mate from her destiny before fate destroys them both.


  1. Well, I read the first book, and fell in LOVE/LUST with it and all the characters.  I know there are different characters involved, but I'm willing to bet, I'll love them just as much. 
  2. Hmmm, long thought dead vamp, art historian, and danger... Sounds like a good plot.
  3. The cover is interesting. The modern world in the foreground, with a 400 year old vamp and his love in the background.  And that giant full moon in the sky.
What are you waiting on?

Happy Reading!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lover Awakened by J. R. Ward


A former blood slave, the vampire Zsadist still bears the scars from a past filled with suffering and humiliation. Renowned for his unquenchable fury and sinister deeds, he is a savage feared by humans and vampires alike. Anger is his only companion, and terror is his only passion—until he rescues a beautiful aristocrat from the evil Lessening Society. 

Bella is instantly entranced by the seething power Zsadist possesses. But even as their desire for one another begins to overtake them both, Zsadist’s thirst for vengeance against Bella’s tormentors drives him to the brink of madness. Now, Bella must help her lover overcome the wounds of his tortured past, and find a future with her…

My Review:

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Zsadist was a blood slave for a long time, but he has been free even longer. Yet he can’t let go of his damaging past. When he and the other Brothers help to rescue Bella, he is driven by his need for revenge against those who hurt Bella.
Bella is recovering from the trama of being kidnapped, and degraded by a lesser. She just doesn’t know how she can survive, except by relying on Zsadist. But will they both survive the battle against the lesser who wants her back?
Of all of the books that I have read this year, I must admit this one was the hardest. I felt so heartbroken for Zsadist and what happened to him as a blood slave. Worse yet, was the anger that was driving him slowly crazy, to the point that he was willing to die. I had to put the book down several times, especially after reading the flashbacks. But his desire to protect Bella seemed to be the one thing that kept him sane.
Bella was an extremely strong female character. Even after be traumatized by the lesser, she still was trying to find a way to survive, to heal. Her desire to be with Zsadist was doubted by everyone, but she stood up for what she saw in him, even when it was against Zsadist himself.
On a whole, this story was absolutely wonderful on showing a growth in characters, even so far as to give time space between one event and another. There are some great funny parts in this one, though there are more of the darker moments than funny parts. Also, we lose some characters that we have loved since the first book, but we also gain some new characters that I’m sure will add to the series.
Personally, my favorite quote is “You are a Female of Worth”…. Yep, new favorite quote.
Over all, this is a good book. I do recommend it, though some of the flashbacks might be difficult for some people to read as it has to do with rape.

**Adult content - Not appropriate for all readers**

Happy Reading!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lover Eternal by J. R. Ward


In the shadows of the night in Caldwell, New York, there's a deadly turf war raging between vampires and their slayers. There exists a secret bound of brothers like no other-six vampire warriors, defenders of their race. Possessed by a deadly beast Rhage is the most dangerous of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. 

Within the brotherhood, Rhage is the vampire with the strongest appetites. He's the best fighter, the quickest to act on his impulses, and the most voracious lover-for inside him burns ferocious curse cast by the Scribe Virgin. Owned by this dark side, Rhage fears the time when his inner dragon is unleashed, making him a danger to everyone around him. 

Mary Luce, a survivor of many hardships is unwittingly thrown into the vampire world and reliant to Rhage's protection. With a life-threatening curse of her own, Mary is not looking for love. She lost her faith in miracles years ago. But when Rhage's intense animal attraction turns into something more emotional, he knows that he must make Mary his alone. And while their enemies close in, Mary fights desperately to gain life eternal with the one she loves...

My Review:

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mary hasn’t had an easy life. After being in remission, Mary discovers that she has had a relapse. She isn’t looking to start any relationships; rather she is hoping to just go it all alone, even if that means dying alone. But when mute John Matthew comes into the picture, he ends up leading her to Rhage.
Rhage is a vampire who, because of bad decisions in the past, he struggles with a literal beast inside that will be unleashed if he isn’t careful. So to keep the beast under wraps, he boozes, uses drugs, womanizes, and fights. When he meets Mary, he is automatically drawn to her. Her voice calms the beast, but her touch ignites not only a desire to keep her, but also the beast.
I liked the changes in Rhage’s character. I mean, he was a womanizer who was trying to control the beast within. As he realizes what Mary means to him, he can’t help but want to change. He is willing to sacrifice for her, even if it means never seeing her again. Considering how cocky he was at the beginning of the book, I found that refreshing.
I had a hard time with Mary’s character. She seemed a bit whiny about her difficulties, and was more prone to want to be alone and mope than to actually get up the nerve to stand up for herself, even dying with dignity.
I liked the beginnings of the story of Bella and Zsadist, which helped to break up the Rhage/Mary story line. Mr. O was creepy stalker man, but I find all the lesser a bit overly creepy.
This is definitely a “Beauty and the Beast” story between Rhage and Mary, though it does end differently compared to other “Beauty and the Beast” stories. There are a lot of predictable moments to the book, and I must say it was a bit disappointing. Overall, it was a good book; just realize there might be moments where you just have to put the book down due to the ridiculousness of the Brothers’ speech…
I recommend the book for a good read.

**Adult content - Not appropriate for all readers**

Happy Reading!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Flesh and Blood by Kristen Painter


Those born into the comarrĂ© life produced blood in rich, pure, powerful abundance... 

With the Ring of Sorrows still missing, and the covenant between othernaturals and mortals broken, Chrysabelle and Malkolm’s problems are just beginning. Chrysabelle still owes Malkolm for his help, but fulfilling that debt means returning to Corvinestri, the hidden vampire city where neither is welcome.

My Review:

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A lot has happened since the trip to Corvinstri. Chrysabelle feels a lot of guilt for not solving Mal’s curse, and Mal and Doc are both still struggling with the loss of Fi. But Tatiana is still after the Ring of Sorrows, and Chrysabelle. And to top it all off, the Kubai Mata have come out of the pages of fairy tales to fight off the vampires, whether they are good or bad. Will they all be able to survive the trials that they must face to protect the ones they love?
If I though the first novel was dark, this one just got darker. Here we get a lot more background on characters like Doc and Fi. Plus we get to know new characters like Kubai Mata member, Creek. He has been charged to get the ring of sorrow, and to protect humanity from the vampires that lurk in the shadow.
Mal’s character changes so much through the first book to the second book. He is willing to sacrifice himself for Chrysabelle, and he struggles with the developing feelings he has for her. He knows that he is no good for her, but he can’t resist. The whole knight in rusted armor seems to come out of him.
Better yet are the feelings that Chrysabelle struggles with in regards to Mal and Creek. The contrast between Mal and Creek, even though they both have a questionable past, is amazingly played out. Both men feel that they are unworthy of her, and you can’t honestly decide which one would be better for Chrysabelle. Though I will say that what she does for Mal, leads me to think she should really go for him!
There is a great big twist towards the end that will have you wondering about a whole lot that you probably never would have. Definitely makes you want to read the next book.
Overall, this is a great read, and you can bet that you will be on the edge of your seat during some of the action scenes. Highly Recommend!

Happy Reading!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Follow Friday (23)

Welcome to Follow Friday Hosted 

By Parajunkee.com and Alisoncanread.com

Question of the Week: Many readers/bloggers are also big music fans. Tell us about a few of your favorite bands/singers that we should listen to in 2012.

This is the PERFECT question for me!  I have an absolutely useless BA in Music, so music is my thing... I have a beautifully long list for y'all, but I'll keep it down to my top 10.  

1. Addison Road

2. FM Static

3. Group 1 Crew


4. Adele

5. Kerrie Roberts

6. Icon For Hire

7. Toby Mac

8. Francesca Battistelli

9. Kelly Clarkson

10. Any just about any musical theatre you can think of! (way too many to list honestly)

So what are you listening to in this bright new year?

Happy Reading!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bewitching Book Tour: Review & Interview with Dawn Chartier

Here at Place of Reads, 
We Welcome Dawn Chartier

PoF: Everyone has a story, so can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

DC: Sure can. Here is my author bio:
Dawn Chartier never knew she wanted to be a writer while growing up.  Sure her parents owned a book shop, and she was surrounded by bookworms, but she wasn’t one of “those” writers who started early.  No, Dawn was inspired by strange events in her life, one was a bitch named, Katrina. Yes, that hur-ricane. But a few months before the storm, Dawn read an article on Marie Laveau in the New Orleans local newspaper and it sparked an idea. She began researching the voodoo priestess, and then Katrina hit. Out of destruction, ideas formed, characters spoke and plots twisted. One thing lead to another and an author was born. (Must have been something in the air, because a few authors were born out of Katrina’s wrath.)

Dawn Chartier sold her first paranormal romance book, (Not An Angel) to The Wild Rose Press, and her second book, a contemporary erotic romance (Diamonds) to Siren BookStrand. Dawn is a member of RWA, Sola-Writers, FF&P and Savvy Authors. You can find her chatting on Twitter and Facebook when she’s not buried inside of a book or writing her next one.
She now lives near New Orleans with her husband, two daughters, two golden retrievers, and plenty of wildlife.

PoF: Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult?
DC: To be honest, I didn’t read much as a child, unless it was a school assignment. (Am I the only person out there that got hooked late in life?) But I remember how I got hooked. It was long after my parents closed their book store. My ex-husband (husband at the time) and I started going through some rough times. So my sister suggested I try this vampire novel she’d just finished. (she was bit by the book bug ever since she was little) She said it will take your mind off your problems. So, I said what the heck and started reading it. I can’t remember the name of the series off the top of my head, (I need to ask my sis) but I remember the characters. The heroine in the series was Maeve (spelling?). Geesh, it was so long ago, and I’m terrible with names.  Anyway, those books influenced me to continue reading (adding Feehan and Kenyon) and then the writing bug hit years later.

PoF:  So I loved Not An Angel, and I would love to see more.  Are you planning on making a series of Poryria Vampire novels?  How many books would you hope to have in this series?
DC: Thank you! I’m so glad you loved Trace and Kira’s story. Yes. I plan to write the next book in the series. Drago who came in at the end keeps demanding his story be told, but I had planned on Mike’s. Go figure. I don’t like series that go over 5 books, so I’m hoping four or five at the most.  (there are only a few series that I will continue to read over 5, but for the most part I get bored.)

PoF: Now, in Not An Angel there are two types of vampires that are extremely similar but with one major difference.  What gave you the idea about your vampires and the fine line that defines them?
DC: Once the Poryria’s blood is mixed with the Vry’s blood it chemically changes their brain wave patterns and they become a monster of sorts. However, it appears if they have a strong enough royalty blood line, it is possible for them to be far from the average Vry. I can’t give more details without spoiling the story.  (The idea just formed from lots of research on blood)

PoF: Are there certain characters you would like to go back to, or is there a theme or idea you’d love to work with?
DC: I always want to save the villains even though not all of them can be saved. We will have to see what happens with Chason. I don’t believe his story is over yet. And maybe Mary will get her story told one day too. Theme would have to be second chances.

PoF: I know there were certain aspects of your characters that I could really relate to.  Of all your characters in your book, which character do you relate to the most?
DC: I can relate to both, but Kira is probably more like me because she wants to protect the people she loves. Don’t all Mom’s find themselves wanting to do that on a daily basis?

PoF: One of your characters has a real-life phobia of water; do you have a phobia of anything?  If you do, what might it be?
DC: Sure I have my phobia’s.  Water is not one of them, unless it has sharks in it. Lol  My phobia is snakes, and what is the first thing I see when I go on vacation with my hubby. Yep. A snake. The hubby and dogs walk right by it and don’t see it. I sort of screamed, and the sucker took off. Not that it heard me. Snakes can’t hear from what I’m told.

PoF: I love random questions, so I must ask: Angel food cake or Devil food cake?
DC: Devil food. Yum.

PoF: Every one has those moments where they feel uninspired or stuck.  If and when you get writer’s block, what do you do to beat it?
DC: I put whatever I’m working on to the side and grab a good book. I find reading helps a lot.  I also find writing sprints are good to get you going again.  I meet up with a fellow author and we hang out at Starbucks and do 20 min. writing sprints, and it helps force me to jump back in. I might have to skip a scene if it’s giving me trouble, but I get back on track. We try to do this at least once or twice a month.

PoF: Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers and fans?
DC: Yes. I would love to tell my readers and friends how much I appreciate their support and kindness. I also want to say that even though I have a contemporary erotic romance coming out on the 18th of January, (DIAMONDS) with Siren BookStrand, I will get back to writing the Poryria series soon. I’m also working on a witch and warlock series too. So I have a lot on my plate, but the next Poryria novel will be written this year for sure.
One last thing for those wanting to learn how to go about writing and if you are a fan of Karen M. Moning, she’ll be in New Orleans at the Fantasy On The Bayou Writers Conference, March 2-4, 2012. (www.fantasyonthebayou.blogspot.com). Woot! I’ll be there too. There is a book signing with lots of great authors. If you want to learn about the industry the FF&P RWA chapter will have over 20 workshops. I would love to meet some readers and authors.  Come on down! I don’t get out too much, but this is one place I’ll be for certain this year.
Thanks so much for having me!

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Not an Angel


Kira McCoy wants to die. Losing her husband and daughter tragically left her without hope. Now her disturbed brother-in-law will stop at nothing to have her for himself.  All she wants is to find peace, but instead finds herself on top of a bridge ready to end her suffering.

Protector of the Poryria, Trace Stuart is called to defend his race or embrace death. Defending humans is not part of the plan, but he cannot stop himself from saving Kira.
Realizing that he shares a special bond with Kira, Trace defies his Queen and rushes into the heart of darkness in order to rescue the woman he loves. Will Kira be able to reach past her own pain to pull them both into the light?

Excerpt from Not An Angel by Dawn Chartier:

As he measured her, his gaze warmed the consuming chill that had invaded her body. She glanced down, holding the material out. Nothing she could ever afford. Standing next to him in his stunning black suit, gave her more confidence than if she wore plain clothing.

“I wouldn’t have picked it out for myself, but you have good taste.”

“I know.” Trace’s gaze traveled down her torso, to her exposed toes and slowly up to her face. “And you take my breath away.” He kissed the inside of her wrist.
Heat shot up her inner arm overpowering any nervousness she may have felt earlier. She leaned into him and whispered, “You breathe?”

Trace half smiled. “Sometimes.”

She blinked. “Oh.” That meant sometimes he didn’t breathe either.

Trace stiffened, then glanced toward the entrance flanked with four massive columns. It took a moment before she heard footsteps in the foyer. Five men entered the parlor. All dressed similar to Trace, except their cold penetrating eyes made her worry. Scared was more like it. One man strode toward her, eyes narrowed, mouth pulled down in a frown. She swallowed, then took a deep breath and squared her shoulders. They will not get to me. I will be strong.

“He won’t hurt you. Will you, Dev?” Trace stepped forward and crossed his arms.
Dev smirked and stared through his long dark lashes. “Depends.”

An eerie rumble vibrated the room. Kira advanced toward Trace. The sound of a wild cat drifted in the air. She tilted her head, glanced at Trace and realized the noise came from him.

“Boys. Boys. Boys. Dev won’t touch her, but I might.” A slender brunette appeared out of thin air and stood directly in front of the other men. Oh hell.

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