Sunday, November 13, 2011

De Sang by C.D. Hussey


When the famous artist and self-proclaimed king of the Vampires, Lohr Varius, brings his collection to the gallery Kate Miller works at, he awakens a desire in her that has nothing to do with art and everything to do with Living Vampires. That desire leads her to underground blood bar, La Luxure, where she finds herself inexplicably drawn to the cocky bartender claiming to be the "real deal". 

But it isn't long before she discovers not everyone is as they seem, and as the crimson-eyed bartender warns, not everyone is safe.

My Review:

de Sang: Embrace Your Blood Lust
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kate is a starving art degree goth who is living and working in New Orleans. After a local artist seems to awaken her lust for being around living vampires, she meets Slade, a good looking Italian bartender at the local blood bar La Luxure. She thinks he is everything that she doesn’t want, yet she can’t resist him.
Have you ever read a book, and when it ends you scream, cry, and thoroughly scare the 8 lives out of your cats? Well, that is what happened when I finished this book. This second installment in The Human Vampire Series leaves me wanting more, in a good way. I thoroughly loved this book!
Slade and Kate both have a lot of baggage from their past that they are both having to work out and work through. Slade hasn’t seen his family since he became a living vampire, while Kate is the outcast in her family because she is the “red-headed child”. I loved seeing how they worked through their personal issues. Slade, more than Katie, has to major life changing issues to work through, and you can’t help but wonder if his stubbornness is worse because of all the experiences he has had through the book or whether it is just a culmination of a whole life of issues.
This book is a bit darker than the previous book. I must admit, there were moments that I actually got creeped out by certain characters, though I loved getting to know other characters better. And the whole turnaround of one of the characters between the first book and the second book is a great in adding to the story line. There is of course a lot more I’d love to tell you about, but I hate telling spoilers. So go ahead and read this book!
Overall, this is a great book. I CANNOT wait till the third in this series comes out. Highly recommend this book.

**Adult scenes involved. Not appropriate for all readers.**

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