Sunday, November 27, 2011

An Exchange Of Gifts by Anne McCaffrey


When Meanne, a princess of the realm, runs away from her father's castle and an unwanted suitor, little does she realize the hardships and difficulties that lie ahead of her. Loneliness is the worst part - until she finds a fellow refugee, a boy named Wisp. Together they must make new lives for themselves. Yet they both have secrets - hidden pasts and magical powers that can tear them apart!

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An Exchange Of Gifts
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Princess Meanne has run away, going to the only place she feels is safe: the old charcoal maker’s cabin in the middle of the woods. It isn’t long before Wisp comes wandering into her life. She can’t help but feel that there is more to him that meets the eyes, but she has no idea what. Both have secrets, but can they look past the secrets and find the support and love they both desire?
I love this short novella. It shows the strength a person can have when they have to make a decision that is hard. It also shows how trusting someone can lead to absolutely wonderful things. The play of the relationship between Meanne and Wisp is more than friendship, but doesn’t automatically point at romance.
The magic of this little book is like a breath of fresh air. Meanne has an unusual gift of the green thumb (she can make anything grow), which is also extremely unfortunate that she is a princess, because they don’t let princesses garden. Wisp’s power isn’t revealed until almost the end of the story, but when you finally find out it makes so much sense.
I personally love this story and have re-read it many a time. I highly recommend this book and wish that there was another book to let us know what happens after the end of the book.

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