Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm Lovely... How About You?

Thanks to Sierra at The Best Way Out is Through Reviews for this lovely award.
Now it is my pleasure to award this award to fifteen other blogs.  If you happen to be a recipient, please return the favor to fifteen other lovely blogs in your blog roll!
  1. Rebecca at Bending the Spine.  
  2. Richie at Bound & Determined
  3. Brodie at Eleusinian Mysteries
  4. Maria at Fantasy's Ink
  5. Katie at Katie's Amazing Book Reviews
  6. Katie at Magic is in Words
  7. Lisa Jo and Stephanie at Once Upon A Chapter
  8. Rumana at Relook The Book
  9. Alaiel at The Librarian Mouse
  10. Cat at Cat's Thoughts
  11. Lisa at Cold Moon Violet Books
  12. Natalie at Browsing Bookshelves
  13. Ang at Eastern Sunset Reads
  14. Kathy at A Glass of Wine
  15. Sheree at Beckoned by Books
Thank you for being such lovely blogs!

Happy Reading!



  1. Thanks Cana!!! You and your blog are lovely:)

  2. Thank you for choosing my blog :) You are the best! Your blog is really lovely as well!


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