Monday, November 17, 2014

A Word from Ash Krafton.

So my wonderful followers, I'm technically am still on vacation... Yes, the wedding was great (and thank God, it's over).  Yes, I'm prepping all sorts of Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts and goodies... And Yes, I'm looking forward to coming back in full swing at the first of the year!   But this is SO important for Ash Krafton and her amazing Demimonde series.  So instead of tell you about it myself, I'm going to let Ms. Krafton do so.  
Dear Beautiful Book Buddy,

The Demimonde series is getting a baby sister 😊

TALES OF THE DEMIMONDE was released yesterday on Kindle… It's a collection of short works based on BLEEDING HEARTS, BLOOD RUSH, AND WOLF'S BANE.

And I'm writing to you for your help. Best part, it's totally easy!

I recently started my first Thunderclap campaign. Thunderclap is a program that allows people to join forces and send out a single unified message on a pre-determined date. It's a big voice that helps to get a message noticed.
In order for the message to go out, a campaign must enlist the aid of at least 100 supporters... or else it doesn't go through.
We are at about a third of the minimum support needed, so if you haven't joined, I ask you to consider helping.
On November 30, my new ebook will be going Kindle free. I'd love you to join this campaign to spread the word... you'll be offering a free urban fantasy book to your readers when you do.
Stop by to donate a Tweet, a FB status, and even a Tumbler post (each one will count as a separate supporter to my 100 count goal!) It'll help make a big noise and I'd truly appreciate it!

(And if anyone would like a copy before the free date, just send me the email you want me to use and I'll gift you a copy.)

Thanks, sweeties… luv you all.

Cheers, Ash