Monday, August 8, 2011

What are You Reading?

So welcome to What are You Reading?

Today is the day I've chosen to ask what are you reading, and are you enjoying it?

I'm currently 3 books:

Demon Lover by Juliet Dark
So I'm almost half way through this book.  It is a beautiful combination of all things Fae, witches and world mythology.  It was a little slow at first, but I must admit, like the main character and her demon lover, I'm now addicted.  (And by the way, is that not an absolutely GORGEOUS cover?)

The Christian Zombie Killer Handbook by Jeff Kinley
I'm still in the first couple of chapters. This is an interesting play between a novel and a Bible study/help book for Christians. So far, I think it has potential.

La Luxure by C.D. Hussey
I'll be honest.  I just started this today.  I'm a glutton for books,and I can't wait to start a new one when I can.

I have a list of about 100 books to go before the end of the year, lets see what I'm reading next Monday.

So what are you reading?



  1. Oh Cana, I can't decide if I want to read Demon lover or not. Is it good?

  2. I will be honest. The middle is good. When you finally realize that she realizes what is actually going on, it is good. Beginning is a bit slow, but so far, it is definitely worth the read.


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