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The Mystery of Hurtleberry House by C.L. Ragsdale

Most people would be excited to be hosting their own TV show. However, most people do not work for Reboot, a television station better known for employing the rejects of the “legitimate media” than the quality of its programming.
Such is the fate of Irene Waters, a once promising Christian reporter struggling to recover from a counterfeit scandal that ruined her career and left her questioning her trust in God.
As her employment options are limited, she finds herself assigned to a cheesy paranormal investigation show called “Irene's Eerie Adventures”. She and her cameraman, the talented but reckless Troy Stenson, are quickly dispatched to their first assignment, a rumored haunted house. At first glance their subject, Hurtleberry House, does not look promising even for the less than ambitious goal of “Good Television”. Putting aside the nonsensical name, the house is undergoing major renovations making filming itself a challenge. Even worse, the residents are cliché and the ghost is camera shy.
Fortunately for the Reboot team, all is not as it first appears as circumstances soon take a turn for the weird if not the supernatural. For Irene soon discovers that everything they thought they knew about the house and its ghost has been brought into question with the apparent goal of tricking a low budget TV show into coming out to film. But why and who is behind it? The flamboyant owner who appears to be a true believer in the family ghost? Her sensible sister with the grating personality who seems determined to protect her flamboyant sibling? The helpful but cranky elderly caretaker who could have ulterior motives? Or the handsome, but oddly redundant handyman who appears to have few skills and no apparent part in the renovations?
Irene will have to draw upon her until now unknown deductive skills and renewed faith in God to solve the real mystery of Hurtleberry House. A goal somewhat hampered by her efforts to curtail, with varying degrees of success, the enthusiasm of her cameraman to exploit the sensational. Whether it actually exists or not.

My Review:

The Mystery of Hurtleberry House (The Reboot Files, #1)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So if Nancy Drew was a Christian who grew up to be a news reporter for an obscure network as a debunker of ghosts -- This would be her story.

Irene Waters is a news reporter who is trying to heal after what her last network did to her. Troy Stenson has a bad habit of putting himself into dangerous situations. Together they are teamed up to debunk the story of the ghost of Hurtleberry House.

I love how you think you know who is the villain, but until the last 20 or so pages, you don't know exactly. I think it gives a great beginning to the Reboot Files series. Also there is an underlying mystery that you have to continue the rest of the series to figure out... I really want to know who those strange people are at the end of the book!

You will get to learn some big words (Irene says a lot of them), and you will even get to learn the meaning of hurtleberry (read the book or find a dictionary to find out).

The great thing about this book/novella is that is a quick read, but it is even quicker because you are trying to figure the whole thing out! I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a quick read and loves a good mystery.


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