Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Vampire's Redemption by S.J. Wright


In the third book of the Undead in Brown County series, Sarah Wood has to deal with the changes in her sister, Katie. She also gets to know someone new in her life who could end up being her salvation. And then there's Michael. He's desperate to keep Sarah safe from his enemies. How far will he go in order to protect her?

My Review:

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In the third installment of the Undead of Brown County Series, we pick up right where we left off (again).  More people join the story, and there is a definite change occurring in this particular novella.  Just like the second novella, this one is in multiple POVs, but (thankfully) they are clearly labeled so that you know exactly whose POV you are reading.

So there were a few things that I liked.
·         Jackson was a great guy.  Granted, I didn’t really like him at the end of the 2nd novella, by the time you finish the 3rd novella you can’t help but think that he is the most amazing guy in the whole world.  You want him to end up with Sarah.
·         I love the development of Jones and Victoria.  They are both great characters who are in a lot of ways the saving grace of these novellas.  They are both likable, generally good vampires. 

So let’s kick off what I didn’t like. 
·         Katie -- I didn’t like her in the first two novellas, but I definitely hate her in this book.  The spoiled brat is now just plain evil and gullibly evil at that. Now, this might not be her fault, but it didn’t make me want to keep her alive.  I personally might have been able to stake her.  Yep, that is how much I disliked her.  I’d stake her
·         Sarah is a whore.  It has now officially been established.  In less than 2 books, she has screwed Alex, Michael, and is playing with Jackson.  Yep, giant whore, and she only feels a little bit guilty.  What?  I mean, if she cares so much for these men, what she is doing isn’t working. 
·         Michael is an ass.  He knows when he goes to talk to Sarah what she would do. He is actually hoping for it…  WTH!  He plays her, and that is not the kind of man (human or vampire) that I find myself cheering for. 

I think in some ways, this series of novellas could have easily been made into one novel.  I think it would have made it more palatable if it had been a novel instead of broken into multiple novellas.  Best example of this is because the end of this book would be better for a chapter or section ending than an actual book ending. 

Overall, this was a decent novella, but it definitely was not my favorite, and I hope that Ms. Wright comes up with a better 4th novella to resolve some things that have not been resolved, and at least help me like the rest of her characters that she suddenly has me turning against. 

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