Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bourne by Lisa T. Bergren


BOURNE picks up right where TORRENT left off...Find out what has happened to men returning from the battle, gravely wounded, to the Betarrinis, fighting for the men they love, and just who is hunting them next...  

My Review:

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So first off, I have to say this:  I’m going to go find an Etruscan tomb, find some handprints and go back to Italy when knights were around and ladies were treated as precious creatures.  What better combination of yummy and yay can there be? 

So in Bourne, we start off where we left off in Torrent: clean up after the battle.  Since Gabi and Lia have always been traveling in the Etruscan tomb, they have never had to clean up.  The sorrow and the pain, the joy and hope of peace are what make this little novella so rich. 

A great thing about this novella is the budding/growing romance between Lia and Luca.  I loved how he is courting her, slowly persuading her to love him.  You can’t help but want them to get together.  Or just go back in time and steal him yourself.  :P. 

I loved how we got to know the characters better.  We learn more about Luca and his family and learn even more about Lia’s personality.  I love when you get to know a character you love better.

I think for me, the best thing about this novella is that the POV switches from Gabi to Lia.  The first three books were all in Gabi’s POV, and this novella helps guide us into the next book (hopefully coming out soon, because I can’t wait) where Lia’s will be the POV.  It was a great blend of an already known character blended with a character that you already know but are going to like.

Overall, I think this is a great little novella, with great characters, a good plot, and a wonderful blend of adventure and romance.  With that being said, I highly recommend it and am waiting on pins and needles for the next one to come out. 

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