Thursday, April 26, 2012

Every Storm by Lori Wick


1945, WWII -- When Lieutenant Donovan Riggs experiences trouble with his PT boat, the sailors of "Every Storm "make an unscheduled stop...and a surprising discovery.

Lorraine Archer is an American teacher living and working in Australia. While on a flight with her sister, her daydreams are disrupted by the sounds of the plane going down. Lorri ends up alone on a deserted island in the Pacific. And just when she loses all hope of being found...Donovan and his crew arrive.
Neither Donovan nor Lorri suspect that their encounter is the beginning of something very certain...a future not left to chance, but to faith.

My Review:

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book by Ms. Wick.  I read many of her other books, with my favorite being Bamboo and Lace, The Princess, and Sophie’s Heart, but this one comes into a close 2nd

As with her other novels, this one is an uplifting book that refers to God and His hand in our lives.  Lorri is the victim of a plane crash that kills her sister. Donovan, aka Riggs, is a Lieutenant of a ship that is fighting in World War II.  The pain and the troubles they face as they fight to get back home safely are pointed out as reminders that God is with us where ever, whenever, and will not abandon us.

It also touches on the subject of fear, specifically the fear of losing those you love.  Because of the unexpected and violent death of her sister, Lorri is of course dealing with her fear of losing her family.  Working through this, trusting that she has no control in such things, is a steady theme throughout this novel. 

Other great points of this book are

  • The underlying romance between Riggs and Lorri is of course a great reason to read it.  You want them to get together.  You can’t help it.

  • The historical references were as reliable as possible considering this is a work of fiction.  As usual, Ms. Wick does her research, and does it well.

  • I like how she brings back some slight references to another series of hers, The Californians.  Those were the first books I read by her, and it was nice to see those names again.  You kind of hoped to get some more references beyond the names, but still, it was nice.
Overall, this is a great novel, and I really enjoyed it.  I highly recommend this novel, and any other by Ms. Wick.

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