Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Soul Swap - Promises by Carrie Olguin


On planet Del'noshe, Tenor vowed to be Telima's Protector. The Tribal Chief refuses the match. Instead, he send Tenor to acquire new blood for the tribe. At the Warrior games, Tenor wins Annie. He decides to trade his Prize for Telima. On the trip home, Annie proves to be everything he would ever want or need in a woman. Can he chose between honoring his vow and his burning need for Annie?

On 21st century Earth, Annie's life is in the toilet, no job, no boyfriend and no family. She makes a drunken wish, which the Universe grants, sending her to different planet – as the prize of an all-too-sexy warrior. Is the soul swap permanent? If she solves Tenor's problem, will be sent home? Or if she wins Tenor's heart, can she stay? The magical Anom Tribal Counsel has the answers, if she dares to seek their help.

My Review:

Soul Swap - Promises (Five Worlds, #3)
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Annie has had a hard life. Her family are all dead. She lost her jobs. Her boyfriend broke up with her. Her roommate/best friend is leaving her alone and abandoning her with a horrible apartment. She is to the point where she doesn't feel like she has anything to live for. Then she gets drunk one day, and she is transported (soul only) to one of the Five Worlds. Tenor, a native of one of the Five Worlds, is a man who made a promise, and he plans on fulfilling it. But then Annie comes along, and the plans change. Will they be able to make it together when things are going against them?

As a whole, this short novella is very good. There is a lot of confusion for Annie, especially when she realizes that she has been given a new body (more cat like than human), and try as she might to figure out what is going on, she is distracted by the handsome Tenor. Tenor is a strong man who follows the rules of his tribe. Annie occasionally uses the comparison to a caveman idea, which for a modern woman, it is probably the closest comparison that she can come up with.

I wish there had been a bit more of a back story to the "puppet master" of the book. I really didn't understand who she was exactly to the end... But it did lead to some interesting thoughts then.

I will say that I enjoyed Fire and Ice more than I enjoyed this book, but it has its own merits. So I can honestly say that I enjoyed this novella, and recommend it, especially if you are looking for a good quick read.

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