Thursday, September 22, 2011

Legend of the Emerald Rose by Linda Wichman


King Arthur and his queen are dead and Merlin has vanished. Bound by Divine Providence but divided by distrust, Shadoe and Rayn must find a way to save the Isle of Might and themselves from the threatening evil. A tantilizing brew of fantasy, action, and romance.

My Review:

Legend of the Emerald Rose: A Novel

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love any stories of King Arthur. There is something that seems so magical about that time. Well, Ms. Wichman takes the much beloved story and creates a wonderful tale of love lost, forgiveness and loved gained. Shadoe was just a teenager when Camelot fell, and he saw both Arthur and his queen fall under Mordred and Morgana. Just before Guinevere dies, he promised to take care of the Emerald Rose, the most important talisman in all of the British Isle. He is now a man with a past that he regrets, a present that he wants to end, and an unknown future. Emerald Rose Rayn is the adopted daughter of Lancelot, but does not know that she is truly the daughter of Arthur and his queen. Both Shadoe and Rayn have to get over their distrust of each other if they hope to save their people and themselves from the evil that is coming.

I love this story. Ms. Wichman takes this story and makes it so much more. We all know what happened to Arthur and Guinevere, but don't know the story of what happens after. And that is what happens. Shadoe is the son of Merlin, and he hates that everyone expects him to fill his father's shoes. He does his best to rebell, only to end up where he wants to the least-- Britain. Rayn has been trained as a warrior, to eventually rule a people, though she doesn't know her heritage. She is strong willed and she is quick to fight to protect her people. I love all the scenes with Rayn and Shadoe together. The chemistry jumps off the page and has you so engulfed in the writing, that you can't wait to see what happens next, but dread the book ending because you don't want it to end.

I also enjoy how Ms. Wichman made it so easy to relate to her characters, though they seem so far away, and so unlike us in the modern world.

With battles, romance, and even magic and ghosts, you can't go wrong with this story.

Highly recommend this book, and would love to see more from this author!

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