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The Island of Living Trees by C.L. Ragsdale

An island infested with trees that walk around, capture unsuspecting visitors and turn them into trees? An absurd fable unworthy of being taken seriously, unless that is you are a member of Irene's Eerie Adventures then it is Good TV and that is your business. Once again Irene Waters finds herself in the unknown territory of the sensational as she and her cameraman, Troy Stenson, visit Isla de los √Ārboles Vivos, or The Island of Living Trees.
Supposedly the island is under the curse of a banished Indian shaman who turned himself into a tree and does the same to anyone unfortunate enough to wear out their welcome on the island. Sensational tales abound, but actual facts, thanks to Reboot's consistently unreliable research department, are scarce. However, such minor details have taken a back seat to the sensational storyline. As usual.
As if animated trees were not enough to contend with, Irene is also facing issues of the human persuasion inserting themselves into the story.
Yvonne Ruben is an overzealous political candidate determined to protect an up to now unheard of species of island fox whose existence Irene suspects may be more wishful thinking than concrete in nature. Steve Parker, the superstitious boat captain who has a past relationship with Yvonne, wants them off the island before they even arrive. Brian Wells, an enthusiastic real estate developer thinks the island would be a good investment, putting him in direct conflict with Yvonne. Worst of all, there is Pepper Fierce, an environmentalist who insists her sole concern is the aforementioned island fox but whose attention seems solely fixated on Troy.
Things go from bad to weird (what else is new?) once the Reboot Team, Yvonne, Pepper and Steve arrive on the island. Troy's mind is on the charms of Pepper not the mystery, and for some reason he is nervous of the trees. Pepper seems intent not on finding her precious fox, but in turning Troy against Irene. Steve won't leave his boat, and Yvonne is merely tolerating the others. Then a member of the party mysteriously disappears, and everyone, with the exception of Irene, is certain they have been kidnapped and turned into a tree. Outnumbered and on defense, Irene must rely on the long distance assistance of her station manager Bernie Youngman to cut the tree myth off at its roots and solve the mystery.

My Review:
The Island of Living Trees (The Reboot Files, #2)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So, yet again, we watch a wonderful mystery for Irene and Troy. Going to the Island of Living Trees, they are there to see if it is true that an ancient shaman is turning people into walking trees. You get to meet a politician, an animal activist, and a crusty charter ship captain.

I loved this one almost as much as the first in the Reboot Files series. Irene and Troy prove that they are human with the few little fights that they have. Also, the way this story moves is a bit faster than the first, just because the island gives a more "secluded" feeling. Within the first couple of chapters, you are trying to figure out who is the mastermind behind the living trees.

Also, the intrigue about who is the Secretary, and who is keeping the Reboot files gets deeper as Bernie gets a call to warn him about the file. Hmmm, who are they?

As a whole, great short story. Looking forward to more from the Reboot Files!

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