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Flesh and Blood by Kristen Painter


Those born into the comarrĂ© life produced blood in rich, pure, powerful abundance... 

With the Ring of Sorrows still missing, and the covenant between othernaturals and mortals broken, Chrysabelle and Malkolm’s problems are just beginning. Chrysabelle still owes Malkolm for his help, but fulfilling that debt means returning to Corvinestri, the hidden vampire city where neither is welcome.

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A lot has happened since the trip to Corvinstri. Chrysabelle feels a lot of guilt for not solving Mal’s curse, and Mal and Doc are both still struggling with the loss of Fi. But Tatiana is still after the Ring of Sorrows, and Chrysabelle. And to top it all off, the Kubai Mata have come out of the pages of fairy tales to fight off the vampires, whether they are good or bad. Will they all be able to survive the trials that they must face to protect the ones they love?
If I though the first novel was dark, this one just got darker. Here we get a lot more background on characters like Doc and Fi. Plus we get to know new characters like Kubai Mata member, Creek. He has been charged to get the ring of sorrow, and to protect humanity from the vampires that lurk in the shadow.
Mal’s character changes so much through the first book to the second book. He is willing to sacrifice himself for Chrysabelle, and he struggles with the developing feelings he has for her. He knows that he is no good for her, but he can’t resist. The whole knight in rusted armor seems to come out of him.
Better yet are the feelings that Chrysabelle struggles with in regards to Mal and Creek. The contrast between Mal and Creek, even though they both have a questionable past, is amazingly played out. Both men feel that they are unworthy of her, and you can’t honestly decide which one would be better for Chrysabelle. Though I will say that what she does for Mal, leads me to think she should really go for him!
There is a great big twist towards the end that will have you wondering about a whole lot that you probably never would have. Definitely makes you want to read the next book.
Overall, this is a great read, and you can bet that you will be on the edge of your seat during some of the action scenes. Highly Recommend!

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  1. Ooh great review I plan to read this series really soon I just got all 3 books a few weeks ago. It sounds really good and right up my alley!

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