Monday, August 11, 2014

The Darkest Prison by Gena Showalter


Once, Atlas, the Titan god of strength, was the Greek goddess Nike's slave. Now, he is her master. And soon these sworn enemies destined to destroy one another will be forced to risk everything for a chance at love….

The Darkest Prison by Gena Showalter

5 out of 5

So, this was such a good short story.  To see another god that wasn't Cronus or Rhea was perfect.

So, Nike is more of a warrior than a princess or lady.  But she has always longed to be treated as such (what girl doesn't).  After being a guard, being a prisoner isn't one thing she like.  She really longs for freedom and revenge.  Still, I loved how strong she is as a character.  

Atlas was originally out for revenge, but quickly it changes to nothing but pure desire for Nike.  And boy is that determination hot!  I kinda wish that Nike hadn't held out for so long!

I did love how the god of strength knew how to romance a woman.  Not something you normally see from a "manly" man like Atlas.  

Best part was both Atlas' and Nike's decisions.  Atlas' sacrifice in doing what he had to do because he loved Nike was really awesome.  But I think the biggest decision came when Nike saw what Atlas had done to his house.  I think that was the best part of all of it.  

Again, this is another short story about the world of the Lords.  Yet in this one, there isn't really much of a hint at the Lords or the demons (with a small exception in the prologue).  I did miss getting to see the demons/Lords.  They are so much fun...

I did love how this story ended.  It was such a happy ending.  

Overall, this is a good and quick read.  I recommend it for everything one needing their Lord of the Underworld fix.  

Happy Reading!


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