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The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox


It's never a good day when an ancient demon shows up on your toilet bowl. For Lizzie Brown, that's just the beginning. Soon her hyperactive terrier starts talking, and her long-lost biker witch Grandma is hurling Smuckers jars filled with magic. Just when she thinks she's seen it all, Lizzie learns she's a demon slayer-and all hell is after her.
Of course, that's not the only thing after her. Dimitri Kallinikos, a devastatingly handsome shape-shifting griffin needs Lizzie to slay a demon of his own. But how do you talk a girl you've never met into going straight to the underworld? Lie. And if that doesn't work, how dangerous could a little seduction be...?


The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox
3.5 out of 5

I love how Lizzie Brown cusses.  It is quite a bit like listening to an angry child.  And when she finally does use a real, adult cuss word, I was kind of shocked.  It also made me giggle.

I think that Pirate is my favorite character of all time!  He is hyper-actively funny, absolutely adorable, extremely hungry, and surprisingly mouthy.  He definitely made me laugh the most, and he was really the most consistent character out of the whole book. 

The Panos was a very interesting piece of magic.  Just the way a single stone on a bracelet can become whatever you need it to be to protect yourself, I think it sounds really useful... Or, as Lizzie proved, it could be a giant pain in the ass.

I really think that all these problems occurred in this book because NO ONE was upfront with information or explaination... Granted, it did lead to a lot of hilarious moments.  I just wished that someone had sat everyone down and explained things earlier than they did, because even I, the reader, got pretty confused on the whys, whats, and hows of this story.

I did find that the switch stars really did sound like Frisbees of death... Though, when it really needed to work, I think it fell quite a bit short of its target.   

I really found Andrea to be an irritating bitch (tee-hee, just like Lizzie said!).  But otherwise, she really wasn't necessary to the story, except to irritate me.

Okay, so my biggest issue with this book is how Lizzie suddenly trusts Gertie so quickly, and as if she has had decades of emotional connection with her.  I mean, the dumpster speech is a great example of the bull that happened unbelievably.  Argh!  It doesn't make any sense!

So, Dimitri... What do I get to say about him... Hmmmm.  OMGoodness!  There is a Yummy Griffin Shifter Alert!  I can't help but love his alpha, I'm-going-to-protect-you-and-have-you-as-well attitude that he exudes.  Then again, he was a bit of an ass at times.  Like when he was refusing to explain things.  And it also didn't help that he was a liar on top of that... But I still loved him.

Vald, the mad scientist demon, was not what I was expecting.  Which is always a good thing when reading about a villain.  I like being surprised by the villain occasionally, and I definitely was with this.  

So between Gertie, Phoenix, and Lizzie's adoptive parents, I find it amazing that she turned out as well-adjusted as she did.  I mean, they are all crazy on different levels, and had the potential of making a psychopath.

Okay, the roadkill magic was just really gross!  And coming from this farm girl, that is saying something.

Overall, this is a cute book, though it could have been better.  I will try the next book to see if it does get better.  I recommend this book for a mindless read.  
Happy Reading!


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