Monday, June 23, 2014

The Darkest Kiss by Gena Showalter


She has tempted many men...but never found her equal. Until now.
Though she has lived for centuries, Anya, goddess of Anarchy, has never known pleasure. Until Lucien, the incarnation of death--a warrior eternally doomed to take souls to the hereafter. He draws her like no other. And Anya will risk anything to have him.

But when the merciless Lord of the Underworld is ordered by the gods to claim Anya herself, their uncontrollable attraction becomes an anguished pursuit. Now they must defeat the unconquerable forces that control them, before their thirst for one another demands a sacrifice of love beyond imagining...


The Darkest Kiss by Gena Showalter
5 out of 5

I give Lucien (Death) props... I didn't have to wait long for the hotness to start!  

Wow!  Understanding the reason that Lucien has scars is heart breaking.  And I want nothing more than for someone to just hug and hold him.  

OMGoodness!  The side story with Paris and Sienna was awesome and heartbreaking!  I had so much hope for them together.  Ms. Showalter, I expect some wonderful story later on for Paris!  

I love Anya as a character.  So much of her personality and emotions were things I could relate to.  She is strong, brave, and a bit crazy.  I loved her determination and her snarkiness!

Lucien is one sexy demon-possessed man.  What he did to save Anya was hot!  What insecurities he struggled with were relatable.  And how he was smart enough to get Anya back was awesome.  

Aeron getting loose was scary.  You know that it is bad news for Dnaika and Reyes.  And after the fight between him and Reyes, you hope that he is defeated quickly.  

Cronos is one nasty bastard, and I hope he gets what is coming to him.

I don't know if I like Will or not, but I'm interested to see how things work out for him.  

Overall, this is a great book!  I highly recommend it!
Happy Reading!


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