Monday, April 14, 2014

Oracle's Moon by Thea Harrison


He will watch over her...

In the latest Novel of the Elder Races, an untested young woman must claim her place as the Oracle—and contend with a powerful Djinn who has decided to become a part of her life...

As a second daughter, Grace Andreas never had to worry about the intrigues of the Elder Races. But when her sister, Petra, and Petra's husband are both killed, Grace inherits the Power and responsibilities of the Oracle of Louisville, as well as her sister's two young children—neither of which she is prepared for.

Yet, she is not alone. Khalil, Demonkind and Djinn prince of House Marid—driven by his genuine caring for the children—has decided to make himself a part of the household both as their guardian and as an exasperating counterpoint to Grace's impudence toward the Elder Races.

But when an attempt is made on Grace's life, she realizes that Khalil is the only one who can protect her—and offer her more than a mortal man...

Oracle's Moon by Thea Harrison
5 out of 5

Grace is officially my favorite character from this series (so far... I know that this might change).  She is a human up against immortal creatures, and yet she doesn't back down.  She is carrying a heavy burden of following tradition, caring for her niece and nephew, and dealing with the loss of her sister, yet she still takes the time to help and care for those who seek her assistance.  I love that about her.  

Khalil is so adorable.  Worldly, knowledgeable, yet in some ways he is so innocent of things in the world.  But he learns what it means to be human with the help of Chloe and Max.  It was so precious.  

For the first time in this series, we get a real good introduction to the only mortals in the Elder Race, the witches.  You know that the witches run the gamut in types.  Then combine it with the curiosity and mischievous way of the Djinn, there was definitely some trouble awaiting every character involved. 

There are some moments where we catch up with several characters from the previous books.  It was nice to be reminded that the stories aren't finished for Dragos/Pia and Rune/Carling.  It was also nice to see some changes in them, change is always nice.  

What an adventure between the powers of the oracle, the storms, and the Djinn, and the plots going on, you can't help but be pulled into the action.  

Phaedra was a small part of this story, but I want to know more.  I hope that we will see how Phaedra fairs after being healed.  

OMGoodness!  The showdown between Grace and Soren was amazing.  It showed Grace's strength and her love for Khalil.  Plus it showed that she was just as bright at bargaining as a Djinn.  I loved it!

Overall, this was a great book!  I highly recommend it!
Happy Reading!


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