Tuesday, August 13, 2013

ARC: Gold by Talia Vance


Descended from an Irish demigod, Brianna has fled to Ireland to 
escape destruction at the hands of her sworn enemies, the Sons of 
Killian. Taking refuge at the estate of her former nemesis, Austin 
Montgomery, Brianna discovers a rift in time that opens to an era before 
the feud began.
Wrestling with her newfound feelings for the more 
innocent Austin, Brianna begins to wonder if she can alter the past. 
But when Brianna and Austin learn that the Sons are raising an army of 
mythical beasts, the pair will need to use their magical strength in the 
present to avoid a tragic end. 


Gold by Talia Vance
5 out of 5

I loved this book.  There was adventure, love, loss, and mystery.  It was a great big bundle of yummy, and I wished that the book had continued for more chapters… just because I didn’t want it to end. 


I loved the new Austin, and getting to know him as Aaron.  Austin is almost a new character from the first book.  And you want things to work out for him, especially after what he scarified for Brianna. 

I really liked Mickel (Rhymes with Pickle).  I like how he seems to be very knowing about Brianna, and yet he also seemed constantly surprised. 

Brianna seemed to stay a strong character, growing so much since the first book.  I do feel bad for her and all that she keeps loosing.  She handles it, a lot better than some people would. 

Portia got what she deserved!  Nasty bitch that she was, I was not surprised by what happened to her, and was honestly relieved that she was gone. 

Everything Else

I will admit, it took me a little bit to remember things that happened in Silver that lead to this book.  I kind of wish that there had been a prologue or something to refresh the readers’ memories. 

It broke my heart at first that Blake and Brianna couldn’t make it work.  BUT, it does make this story more realistic.  It shows that you don’t get what you want necessarily, even if you think you can make it work. 

I was surprised by Austin and how much he cares for Brianna.  How he has become more… gentlemanly.  How he sacrificed for her. 

I LOVE that Austin has a library!  I want it!  And I’d honestly take Austin with it too.  J

I think the twist with Portia and the other breeders was brilliant.  It had been hinted at, and I’m glad that the author ran with the idea that was already boiling in some (maybe all) the reader’s minds.  I personally was expecting more from Blake’s sister and not Portia, but surprises are nice. 

I liked how we discovered how much of a role Brianna played in the war that was started with Danu’s death.  It was very surprising, but it was one more surprise that kept this book interesting. 

I liked how the titles are used to describe the love interest.  Silver for Blake, Gold for Austin… So if there is a third book, what will it be?  Emerald?  Hmmmm, thoughts to ponder on!

I like how the necklace played a role in the story.  I was wondering if it was connected to Brianna’s powers, but when I finally discovered that I was right, it was still a surprise. 

Oh, the end of this book made me cry… Austin gone… Brianna alone… Mickel missing his lord, master, & friend… The end battle and the losses sustained.  Tears were prevalent! 


This is a must read book.  If you are reading something else, put it down and pick this one up!  Highly recommend.  

Happy Reading!


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