Thursday, March 6, 2014

Audio Book: Storm Warrior by Dani Harper

Storm Warrior (Grim, #1)


Enslaved for millennia by the masters of the Welsh faery realm, the fierce Celtic warrior Rhys is doomed to wander the earth forever. But when a brave beauty unwittingly breaks the enchantment, he is drawn into a strange new world…and an all-consuming desire.

Sensible Morgan doesn’t believe in magic—until a mysterious being saves her from a fate worse than death, and life as she knows it changes forever. Now the man of her dreams has become flesh and blood, igniting a spark in Morgan’s soul which science cannot explain. But even a love that transcends time may not be strong enough to withstand the power of an ancient curse.

From the best-selling author of Changeling Moon, this stirring novel of passion and magic launches an addictive new series for fans of paranormal romance.

Storm Warrior by Dani Harper

5 out of 5

I loved Gwen.  Her love of the paranormal had a wonderful lightening effect in the first few chapters.  Plus, I loved who she turned out to be... Very surprising.  

Morgan, a woman raised on fairy-tales, but ended up turning to science, seems to be missing something in her life. 

I loved what happened after Rhys found out he was human again.  I would imagine anyone would be like that.  But poor guy, getting arrested for nothing more than waking up naked after being a dog for centuries, was kind of funny.  
Leo seems to be a great guy.  I loved how he took Rhys under his wing.  Also, I love how he seemed to have such a good attitude about Rhys learning a lot of things.  Plus, he befriends all manner of fae... Which automatically makes him a great guy.  

I love Ranyon.  He was hilarious!  I think that he was one of the best little characters in any book that I've read recently.  

I think that Jay and his friends are awesome for accepting Rhys into the fold for training.  

Morgan's dreams are really hot!  But when Morgan and Rhys finally get together... Hot like a summer day where the ice melts in the freezer and the eggs cook on the side walk.  Absolutely delish!  And then to add to that, how Rhys courts Morgan... This is what every girl wants, and even desires, from a man.  

Personally, I loved the Ren Faire and how it was the beginning of the "great battle."  I love Ren Faires anyways, so I can so agree that everything should be great fun there.  

It is amazing some of the creatures we are introduced to in this book.  Creatures that I've never heard of, and some I'd never like to meet.  I definitely wanted to learn more about Welsh-Celtic mythology after this. 

For a lot of the book, I bemoaned the fact that Morgan's lack of belief in the fae & fairy-tales effected her whole relationship with Rhys.  But I cheered up as she kept her wits about her as she battled the fae. 

The prologue was a bit much for me... I mean, I like knowing the history Rhys had, but for those not familiar with the Welsh-Celtic myths, the very end of the prologue is confusing.  

Overall, this was an amazing book!  I absolutely loved it!  Highly recommend it!

Happy Reading!


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