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Love Is Mortal by Caroline Hanson


A determination to survive…

Betrayed by everyone she loves, Valerie Dearborn will do anything to get out of Fey and avoid becoming Cerdwellyn’s queen. Even if it means she has to rely upon Lucas, the monster who betrayed her. 

A bid for redemption…

Lucas felt nothing for hundreds of years, but Valerie’s blood has changed everything. Forced to confront his sins, he’ll do what he can to help Valerie survive. Even if it costs him his life.

A destiny cut short…


Love Is Mortal by Caroline Hanson
4.5 out of 5

So, in the final epic battle, Val, Lucas, Rachel, and Jack must face the Fae and werewolves.  The automatic question that the readers have is, will they survive?  And honestly, I couldn’ t tell you until the very last page if anyone was going to make it. 


Viriginia is such a bitch!  At first I felt so sorry for Virginia (see 2nd book’s review), but now I hate her.  Though, I will say that Virginia and Valerie have a lot in common.  It is what they do with what made them that makes the difference.

Val learns so much in this book about herself.  She learns about how strong she is and that she doesn’t need to trust in or rely on others to make her life what it needs to be or to make it what she wants it to be.

It was wonderful to learn more about Lucas, specifically about Margret.  The story of Margret and her final moments was heartbreaking, but it was also so beautiful.  It shows a side of Lucas that we hadn’t gotten to see yet, and it makes him all the more human.  Honestly, Lucas is much more complicated a character than he originally appeared in the first 2 books, and I really liked that.

Everything I didn’t like

It breaks my heart that Virginia and Cer used Val’s body as they wanted.  Even without Val knowing it, it was a violation. And it truly bothered me.

Everything else I liked
The fantasy world where Lucas and Val cement their love for each other was a big spot of sunshine in an emotional hurricane that was this novel.  I wish they could have stayed there longer.

I really liked the Princess Bride reference in regard to Jack.  It was a wonderfully light-hearted thing in the midst of this dark novel.

Why in the world does everything come back to Marion?  I mean, she is the reason that Jack and Val come together.  It is the reason that Lucas wants to bring the Fae back.  There are so many reasons.  But it still all comes back to Marion.

Personally, I think the conclusion of the novel was perfect.  We see a conclusion for Val & Lucas, but the questions that the readers still might have are asked… and somewhat answered.  I kind of like that.

Overall, I did enjoy this book for the fact that the characters that I liked, I began to love and the characters that I despised, I began to like.  This is a good book, with a good conclusion to the series.  I definitely recommend this book.

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