Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Interview with Clare Davidson, Author of Reaper's Rhythm

For those who don't know, my favorite type of interview is the Fill In the Blank Interview. Just for the fact that it leave everything up for interpretation :)... So here is the fill in the blank interview with Clare Davidson!
1.                   My characters are fun to write because they have a mind of their own and they never get tired of reminding me of that fact.
2.                   Tom is the best husband in the world, because he lets me find time to write.
3.                   My husband, my daughter and chocolate are the 3 things that I would NEVER live without because I wouldn’t be who I am without Tom and Eleanor, they are literally my world and I love them both so much. That was a mushy answer, wasn’t it? The chocolate part should be self-explanatory.
4.                   I love writing because I enjoy inventing new worlds and, as a bonus, I get to make readers smile, too.
5.                   When I write, I love distractions. I can write in coffee shops, in front of the TV, on holiday… As long as I’m in the right frame of mind I can write anywhere.
6.                   The next project I intend to tackle is the second book in the Hidden trilogy (aka the follow up to Reaper’s Rhythm.
7.                   If I were a character in my book, I’d be Sophie. She’s the steadfast best friend who is always willing to help out or give Kim a hug.
8.                   If the zombie apocalypse happened, I’d be holed up with my family, learning how to use a shotgun pronto. The only true stopper is a headshot.
9.                   Oh no! Writers block has occurred!  Now I will eat chocolate and hope it goes away. What’s that? You want a sensible answer? I’ll use the ‘write or die’ web app and hope it goes away.
10.       My favorite thing about my newest book is The cover, which is beautiful. Oh and the story and the characters and… is it cheating to say “all of it”?

11 The 3 reasons you should read my book are it’s entertaining, magical, and full of mystery.

Happy Reading!


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