Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Fun with ... Michael.

Friday Fun is where readers from ages 5 to 16 let us know what they are reading and why they loved (or hated) what they read. 

Today we have Michael reviewing :


Every super hero needs a Super-Pet! This illustrated encyclopedia features in-depth profiles, stats, and history about the DC Super-Pets and their owners. From SUPERMAN'S loyal dog, KRYPTO, to BATMAN'S heroic hound, ACE, this guide to the Worlds Greatest Pets has more than 200 DC characters, including many never-before-seen pets, all illustrated in Art Baltazars Eisner Award-winning style! With an introduction by legendary creator Geoff Johns, the DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia is sure to please comic book lovers young and old.

What did you like about it?
It taught me about the super pets and their owners.  And I liked mainly everything about it. 

Why did you want to read this?
I love superheroes and comic books. 

Would you recommend it to read it?
I would recommend it, because it was cool and they might think it was too.

Happy Reading!


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