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A Shade of Blood by Bella Forrest

A Shade of Blood (A Shade of Vampire, #2)


Having been delighted by the Christmas best-selling debut, A Shade Of Vampire, readers are begging for more. 

In A Shade of Blood, Bella Forrest transports you deeper into a unique, enthralling and beautifully sensitive story.
Prepare to be lost in its pages…

When Sofia Claremont was kidnapped to a sunless island, uncharted by any map and ruled by the most powerful vampire coven on the planet, she believed she’d forever be a captive of its dark ruler, Derek Novak.

Now, after months of surviving an endless night, the morning sun may soon rise again for Sofia. Something has possessed Derek’s heart and he offers her a gift no human slave has ever been given in the history of his cursed island: escape. 

High school, prom and a chance to move on with her life now await her. 

But will she be able to forget the horrors that steal her sleep away at night? … and the feelings that haunt her for that tormented prince of darkness?


A Shade of Blood by Bella Forrest
5 out of 5

While some people would want to escape the Shade, just like Sofia, I couldn’t help but go back to it.  Between Derek and the actual mystery of the Shade and the prophecy, I craved to know what would happen next.  Thankfully, Ms. Forrest didn’t wait long to fulfill this desire to jump back into another of her beautiful novels.

Derek is one of the characters with the largest change.  To go from the hero to a dark and questionable character, shows that anyone can change or show their true colors when given the opportunity.  It was sad that Derek couldn’t be and stay strong without Sofia.  Actually, it was like Derek was making the prophecy self-fulfilling just so he could prevent heartbreak. 

Sofia is really special.  I think even more special, more important, than she knows.  But in so many ways, Sofia second guesses herself.  She has so little confidence, until almost the very end. 

I have a feeling that the truth about Sofia has yet to be full revealed, and I don’t know if anyone will be able to handle it well.

Vivienne is such a selfless character till the end.  Her willingness to sacrifice everything, including herself, for her family, specifically Derek and his happiness, puts her right up there with Wanda from The Host.  I truly hope she survives and gets a happily-ever-after herself.

Ben, who had been horribly tortured by Claudia at the Shade, has become a dark character.  My heart breaks over what he experienced, but unfortunately, it doesn’t make me like him.  Just because you have been a victim doesn’t mean you have the right to victimize others or force your views on others.

Unexpected Twist:  It was too shocking for words, especially the shock we get at the very end of the novel.  Knowing who Sofia’s parents are and learning some other mysteries definitely was a surprise.

I really enjoyed learning more about the Shade.  Between its history, its government that rules it, and the hierarchy that exists there, I find it extremely interesting how much it compares to feudalism. Which, I guess historically speaking is the time period they all came from.  Another plus about learning about the Shade, was getting to explore it.  From the Cells to the Vale, from the Catacombs to the Lighthouse, the huge expanse of the island is quite impressive.

I loved the allusions to two of my favorite fairytales:  Rose Red and Beauty & the Beast.  Now, you might ask why I said the 2nd story, when only the first one is mentioned in the book.  Both stories are about a beautiful girl and a beast.  But, Beauty & the Beast seems to be closer to this story than Rose Red. 

A Shade of Blood is much darker than the first book.  Between the torture, the deaths, and the fighting of Derek’s nature, this book is not for the faint of heart.  But this does not mean that this book is not a beautiful book.  Even with it being dark, I like this book better than the first one. 

Overall, this is a really good book.  Really can’t wait for book 3 to come out!  Highly recommend!

Happy Reading!


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