Thursday, March 28, 2013

Meeting Jeaniene Frost, Author Extraordinaire

So, when my friend Becca with Bending the Spine Book Blog and I saw that Jeaniene Frost was going to be not too far from us in our South Carolina hometown, you know that we couldn’t resist going! So we packed up in my car and rushed up to North Carolina... Through flurries (I called it a snow storm, and Becca told me I was paranoid), we made it safe and sound and had the time of our lives!

If you can't tell, I'm a little excited!
We went to a little book store called  Malaprop’s Bookstore, which was so cute!  I highly recommend if you are in the Asheville area to check out this independent bookstore.  It is just a wonderful little bookstore.

 So while we waited for the witching hour of 7pm (the time that we would get to meet Ms. Frost), we sat and met some great people, and check out the store.  And then, Ms. Frost came out early to talk to us.  Of all the authors that I have ever gotten to meet so far thanks to my blog, she is honestly the most personable one that I've met (She is one of those people that you meet and really believe you could become best friends).

She did some Q & A, and we got some wonderful answers to some questions that we the fans are dying to know.  Yes, there will be a book for Ian… Though we might have to wait a bit to get it, as it might be a bit more … mature due to what kind of vampire Ian is ;).  Vlad’s castle and the Biltmore house have a lot more in common that you could believe. 

During the book signing, she took the time to talk to each of the fans that were in line to get their books signed.  Unlike some authors, she never rushed to get on to the next book/person, and I loved that! 

Becca... Before she became putty at the feet of Ms. Frost!
Even better was when she asked my friend Becca about what blog she was with, and Jeaniene Frost said she actually knew her blog!!!!! I thought I was going to have to scrape Becca off the floor with a spatula she was so floored! 

My actual conversation with Ms. Frost was not quite as exciting as my friends, but that is okay.  I still had fun!  And I LOVED meeting her!

Overall, I had a great experience.  I think just from this event, even if I didn’t like the books, I would tell people to read them just because of the author being just THAT awesome!  But I do like the books, and Ms. Frost is awesome, so you HAVE TO read her books J.

Happy Reading!



  1. Awesome! I would love to be able to meet Jeaniene in a setting like this! Met her at RT, but it's hard to get that one on one in a gathering like in a bookstore time with her!

    Part of the reason why I love book signings, because you can totally focus on that one author and get questions answered in an easy setting!

    I have yet to go to a signing this year--no one's come!--and it's driving me insane!

    Glad you had an awesome time!

    1. Jessica, it was really great... You should come down to GA. They have a lot of these signings in Atlanta. We could have a blog party with a bunch of other bloggers :P

  2. How exciting. Thank you for sharing all of this with us :).

  3. It was the best signing EVER!!! Wonderful post, Cana.


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