Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bewitching Book Tour: A Touch of Sin by Christy Gissendaner


Julie Hendricks is a workaholic thirty-year-old who goes to her friend’s bar to meet him for a drink. It’s her first night out in years, and she envisions a normal evening. Instead, she meets Sin, a sexy karaoke DJ who’s not what he seems, and her idea of normal goes completely out the window.

Sin is actually Taliesin, the Welsh god of music and wisdom. For fun, he helps his old college football buddy at the local bar, Out of Bounds. His buddy’s prim friend captures his attention and he soon reveals more of himself than he usually does.

Julie's attraction to Sin is immediate even though she doubts she could ever please a god. When her friend’s business is threatened, Julie must help hunt down the enemy while resisting falling in love with the dangerously intriguing Sin.


A Touch of Sin by Christy Gissendaner
5 out of 5

What a yummy book! 


Sin is like chocolate-covered sex on legs!  But he is more than just a pretty face and a great lay.  He feels deeply for Julie, and doing everything he can to show her that he loves her.

Julie is a sweet, caring, “normal” person who could never believe that a lot of supernatural things exist.  But she definitely takes it a whole lot better than any mortal that I can think of. 


Though this story is more novella-sized than novel-sized, it does pack quite a quick punch.  There is no pussy-footing around.  Within the first 5 chapters, you meet the heroine, the hero, the best friend, and discover that one of them is a Welsh god… Now, don’t let this make you think that all the secrets get revealed at once… More is still to come!

I enjoyed the references to Welsh mythology, though I wish that there had been a bit more of Sin’s back story.  I’m not as familiar with Welsh mythology and I had to dig out my Big Book of World Mythology to occasionally help me fill in the blanks on who was who.

Overall, this is an awesome book.  I’m looking forward to reading more by this author.  Highly recommend.  

Happy Reading!


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