Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Realms of the Gods by Tamora Pierce

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


During a dire battle against the fearsome Skinners, Daine and her mage teacher Numair are swept into the Divine Realms. Though happy to be alive, they are not where they want to be. They are desperately needed back home, where their old enemy, Ozorne, and his army of strange creatures are waging war against Tortall.
Trapped in the mystical realms Daine discovers her mysterious parentage. And as these secrets of her past are revealed so is the treacherous way back to Tortall. So they embark on an extraordinary journey home, where the fate of all Tortall rests with Daine and her wild magic.
My Review:

I LOVED THIS BOOK!  Out of the entire series, this one was my favorite.  I think I’ve re-read this book more than the others.  Why did I like it?  Oh, so many good reasons!

·         Daine has grown up so much since the first book.  She is an adult who realizes that her past, her present and her future are all in her hands to use, not in the hands of the gods.  Also, I love her final request for someone you would have never expected. 
·         I also thought it was great to see how far a development Daine has come with her wild magic.  To see the progression from a little girl afraid to use her magic to one who can possess and use her magic in battle is amazing. 
·         The relationship between Daine and Numair… Yep, made me definitely happy.  I’ve been expecting it since the 2nd book, and I honestly felt that it was about time!
·         Getting an idea of what the Divine Realm (or the Realm of the Gods) was great to further give the reader an idea of what it might be like.  Kind of reminds me of some of my Greek/Roman mythology.  Also the battle between the gods and Chaos was a great way to see the battle of good and evil. 
·         I loved how we got to see the dragons.  Thanks to Kit, the dragons play a bigger role in this book than in any of the others.  I think it was a great way to maybe potentially set up a new series (just my thinking/suggestion). 

Overall, I think this is a great book.  I highly recommend this book.  I hope that Ms. Pierce will do some future series on Daine and Numair (or any potential offspring J). 

Happy Reading!


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