Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pride Unleashed by Cat Kalen


Seeking revenge, Pride is headed back to the compound where she was once nearly broken to the will of an evil master. She’ll stop at nothing to free the enslaved wolves still caged in the estate’s underground prison. Knowing there is only one way back inside the fortified mansion, Pride allows herself to be captured.

Armed with a plan, she finds herself back in her cage but when things begin to unravel, she once again finds herself at the mercy of her former master. This time, however, she knows she has two wolves on her side, Logan and Stone—powerful alphas who will both fight to the death to free her.

Except the compound hides secrets that threaten both her heart and her identity and when bonds are tested and bloodlines are revealed, Pride realizes if she completes her mission she’ll be releasing her pack into a world where no one, least of all Pride, is safe.

My Review:

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book gets a firm 3.5 stars (but Goodreads doesn’t believe in halvies, so it will read a 4). 

This book literally picks right back up where book 1 left off.  I might be a few weeks off, but literally, this felt like book 1.5, instead of book 2.  I did have a hard time remembering some of the characters and their importance /role in the story, so it might have helped to have re-read book 1.

There is a lot more development in Pride.  Strengths, weaknesses, emotional and mental struggles are all exposed as Pride hopes to save the pack.  Actually, Pride is dealing with a lot of emotional baggage, still dueling with feelings for both Logan and Stone.  I had thought that was settled before, but obviously it wasn’t.  Plus, Pride is feeling guilt towards the pack, anger towards the master, and confusion over her “dead” father because she thinks he is alive! 

I felt the plan that Logan and Pride had to get the pack out was one big stupid plan, and why none of the adults decided it wasn’t a good idea is beyond me. 

Really, the suspense in the first few chapters is killer.  Trying to figure out the plan, who is a good guy or a bad guy, and what is outside of the wall?  All of these things keep you at the edge of your seat.

Overall, I think this was a good book.  But it just wasn’t as much fun reading as the first book, Pride’s Run, was.  

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