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Bleeding Hearts by Ash Krafton


Sophie Galen is an advice columnist whose work leaves her neck-deep in other people’s problems. Thanks to her compassion, her gut instinct, and her magnetic charm, Sophie really knows how to attract little black clouds.

Marek Thurzo is no little black cloud; he’s a maelstrom. Marek is Demivampire, a race with the potential to evolve into vampire. A warrior who’s taken his share of spiritual damage, he hovers dangerously close to destruction.

He seeks salvation. She’s driven to save him. But what if he can’t be saved?

Sympathy for his plight becomes true empathy as Sophie’s hidden nature is revealed. Marek suspects she may be one of the Sophia, oracle and redemption of the damned Demivampire. She alone can turn back the evolutionary clock.

All she needs is the courage to face her fears. Can she save him from Falling?

My Review:

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you are looking for a wonderfully new spin on the vampire myth, than this is a book that you need to read.

So when I started reading this book, I was like, “Ok, another vampire book… Let’s see if there is anything new under the sun for this line of vampire mythology.”  And let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised.  Not only are there humans and vampires (and werewolves, and other things that go bump in the night), but there are an in-between species known as demivamps (DV), which is the precursor to becoming a vampire.  They are the missing link between humans and vampires so to speak. 

I generally love Sophie as a character.  Her sarcasm is great, and it is nice to see it consistently used throughout the book.  I find her perky/sunshine on a cloudy day personality to be a bit overboard sometimes, but since I actually know people like that, it is still very believable.  Also, Sophie is really one big bleeding heart that attracts a lot of strays.  This aspect of her personality makes her both likeable and frustrating.  It also gives an opportunity for conflict in the book.  The only thing that slightly bothered me was how many nicknames Sophie comes up for herself.  Talk about “Overkill Sophie” (yep, even that one is in there!).

Let me tell you, I’d love to get a Marek and Rodrian of my own.  What a manly sandwich I could make with them ;).  And with them, you got the best of both worlds:  Dark and brooding (Marek) and fun and sexy (Rodrian).  And I can honestly not pick one or the other.  For me, they are a package deal.

I loved Jared and his speech about faith, God, and infinity.  Nothing like a godly man for me… Too bad he is a priest.  Otherwise, we could add him to the Marek/Rodrian sandwich.  *Sigh*

This book is split into 3 parts, literally and figuratively.  Part 1 is the Good and the Romantic.  Part 2 is the Revealing and the Setup.  And Part 3 is the Heartbreaking and the Frustrating.  Each part has its high and low points.  Personally, I liked everything up until the last few chapters of part 3.  I had my heart breaking, and before the author could mended it back up with her story, it ended!  I do not like I-got-no-resolution endings!  It is like story interuptus, which makes me a cranky and unhappy reader, as I now have to wait patiently for the next book to come out (Please let it be soon, I’m begging you!).

I loved the play on words with the title, the flower, Sophie, and the situations that occur in this book.  You can take it so many ways!  I mean, I’d tell you more, but then I would be giving spoilers. 

Overall, this is a very good book, and I am looking forward to reading more by Ms. Krafton. 

I highly recommend it. 

Happy Reading!



  1. Extra hugs, Cana...but I love your review. A Thurzo Sandwich...priest on the side. :D You won't have to wait long for the follow-up Blood Rush, expected early 2013.

    There's a few contests going on at my blog right now, if anyone feels lucky. You can win a print copy of Bleeding Hearts or some gift cards...you'll also find the link to join Night Owl Reviews Summer Web Hunt. Visit HTTP://ash-krafton.blogspot.com and click on the page tab for the Summer Web Hunt...and good luck!

    Thanks again, Cana, for your warm thoughts and great review. Cheers!

    1. Thanks!
      Sounds a bit "Sweeney Todd" when you put it that way ... Side of priest ! Do love that though :)


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