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Fire and Ice, Five Worlds Series by Carrie Olguin

On planet Majien of the Five Worlds, Sarica inherited the debts of her father, which she can’t repay. The law demands her indentured servitude. Fate taunts her to find the lost City of Almona, the adventure that claimed her father’s life. She becomes the property of a judge, a man she fears. And desires. How can she attain freedom to answer Fate’s call?

Rosche burns for Sarica. The extreme cold she generates through her skin can soothe the curse he bears of creating heat through his. Emotions incite the beastly fever to flare. Because he is callous, she had rejected him as a suitor. So he buys her servitude. As his most precious possession, he will keep her. Forever. Will he risk their lives on an expedition to find Almona City to finally win her heart?

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Fire and Ice, Five Worlds Series

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Do you ever read a book in 24 hours, give up on sleep and don't care that you are sooooo grumpy because you have to FINISH THIS BOOK!!! Well, that is what Fire and Ice was for me. Yes, I finished it in 24 hours. Yes, I gave up on sleep, staying up 24 hours just to finish it. Do I want to re-read it later? HECK YEAH! Do I want to read more about the Five Worlds? Definitely. So let me tell you why.

Rosche is a strong, hurting man who is struggling with his gift, but thinks the only way to work through it is by having Sarica, whether as a wife or a servant. Sarica wants freedom for herself and from the men/husband that would control her future. When she gets stuck with her father's debt, she has no choice on what will happen to her under Rosche's care.

When I read the synopsis, I was like, this sounds good. It sounded like a little mermaid take in space. Well, it is so much more. It is like the Little Mermaid meets the Beast, who deep down inside is a dragon. Now, I'm a huge fan of any takes on the Beauty and the Beast story, but this one is a great one by far, just because Sarica is just too stubborn for her own good, even when Rosche starts to change.

I loved the power play and the arguments, just the movement that kept you trying to turn the next page faster was great. I must say, my favorite part was in the Court Room (I promise, no spoilers!), but the revenge Sarica gets on Rosche was amazing.

Oh, and the way there are 2 twist in the story that make you just shout with "What?" makes it even better.

Highly recommend this book, and can't wait to read the next one.  Be warned, there are several sex scenes, so this might not be appropriate for everyone.


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  1. I know Carrie from a critiquing group. She's an amazing writer.


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