Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bloodlust by Michelle Rowen

Jillian Conrad's blood has killed the vampire king. Now an enemy to all vampires, she is targeted for elimination. So is the infant daughter of the dead king. If Jillian doesn't stand in the way of her death, then everyone, living or dead, is in great peril.

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Bloodlust (Nightshade, #2)

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ok, so I had read Nightshade and had enjoyed it enough to get the 2nd (and final book) of this series. Let me tell you it had me a bit confused. First it starts with Declan being so anti-emotional, you are thinking the romance part of this paranormal romance is going to bomb (which it does, but not the way you are thinking at the beginning of the book). Instead he goes all "multiple personality/bi-polar/freaking CRAZY", and continues in this mind set through the rest of the book. Jill decides she is going to be the ultimate pain in the ass by not listening to any of the men, because of course she "never follows the rules" and has problems with "management"... How in the heck has she stayed alive this long, let alone through the first book? I mean when someone tells you to stay in the car because there are like hundreds of vampires running an amusement park for humans, wouldn't you stay, considering your blood makes them go CRAZY?!?!?!?!?!? I know I don't follow instruction well, but if I want to stay alive then I would stay at the car.
Anyways, she also makes some pretty stupid decisions where she turns multiple people into vampires, tries to save her nieces, tries to save a vamp child, all the while thinking she is going to die... Of course if she doesn't start paying attention and obeying what others tell her, yep you think she is going to die.
Overall, it was a decent book. Does it deserve a re-read... Not really. Did it pass the time at work? Definitely.


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