Monday, November 26, 2012

Harbinger by Peta Crake


As an Olympic messenger, suburban Aussie girl Ophelia Lind is used to being at the beck and call of the gods. But when gorgeous demigod Aden moves into her neighbourhood and starts taking advantage of her services, Ophelia believes life could not get any worse. She's about to be proven very wrong.

Ophelia tries to enjoy a normal, everyday life while running messages for the Greek gods – but without warning an odious creature - evil incarnate - begins to stalk her. As a messenger dealing with the all-powerful and sometimes frightening gods, Ophelia is accustomed to adventures and scrapes. But this is different. Even Aden, who is madly and deeply in love with Ophelia, finds it difficult to protect her. Suddenly Ophelia is in a battle for survival and begins to question everything – her upbringing, her identity, and her true feelings for the alluring and entirely frustrating Aden.

My Review:

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ophelia is the messenger of the gods.  But not just the Olympians like you think.  No, we are talking about every form of mythos:  Greek, Celtic, Norse, etc.  Also, it shows what a great amount of traveling she does.  With that in mind, it is amazing that they haven’t killed her through exhaustion. 

I loved how she had rules against dating the gods, or pretty much having any form of relationship with them.  Except for Zeus and Hera.  Actually, those would seem to be the last gods that I’d want to have a relationship with.  Let’s be honest, and think about it.  Why in the world would you want to be friends with horny-cheat-on-his-wife King of the Olympians and his jealous-turn-you-into-some-animal wife.  Uhm, no thank you!  But it does make her really cool that she knows how to work the gods as well as have relationships with some of them.

Aden was such a yummy character.  As god of the lustful hunt, I died laughing at his multiple attempts to seduce Ophelia… Plus I did laugh a lot about his changes, because they seemed so out of character for him.  One of the only things that didn’t’ really change was the fact that he still stayed an arrogant ass, but everyone needs those moments. 

Pravus… Let me just say “eeeewwwwww!”  He was such a creepy, sadistic character, I’ll admit that I had a hard time entering my pitch-black bedroom… and when I did, I turned on the lights quickly.  So glad with what happened to him!

I loved the mix of the mythology that blended so well with the created mythology of Ms. Crake.  There was generally a good & believable flow to the myths, gods/goddesses, and the combination of both. 

Now, I did have an issue with the actual flow of the novel.  It could be just how it was formatted for the e-reader, but I swear that when there was a dividing point in the chapter I didn’t realize it until I was thoroughly confused and had to go back and re-read it to figure out what happened. 

I do want to remind readers that this book is set primarily in Australia, and since the author is from there as well, the spelling might not be the common “American” spelling of words.  Also, the wording and the slag are not going to be necessarily familiar to us Americans.  But don’t let that hold you back from reading this book!

Overall, this is a really good book, and I definitely recommend this book!

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