Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Darkest Angel by Gena Showalter


Winged warrior Lysander has been alive for centuries, and yet he's never known desire-until he meets Bianka. Spawned from the bloodline of his enemy, the beautiful but deadly Harpy is determined to lead the untouched Lysander into temptation. He may try to evade her attempts, but even the most iron-willed demon assassin can resist for only so long.... 


The Darkest Angel by Gena Showalter
5 out of 5

So, I don't normally read a lot of short stories, primarily because they just frustrate me into wanting more!  But, I really did enjoy this one....

Lysander is an ASS!  And he really doesn't change that much through the story.  But I really did enjoy him groveling and apologizing to Bianka

OMGoodness!  The oil wrestling scene is hilarious!  Paris kinda perks up for the first time since the Sienna-is-dead part, and FINALLY someone tries to knock Lysander around a bit.  

What is Ashlyn's baby?  OMGoodness!  Why hint and then leave us hanging?  Why does Lysander hope they are ready?  What is wrong with it?  Argh!!!!!

I loved Legion during the wedding!  She is hilarious, and in a weird demonic sort of way, absolutely adorable.

I really liked Bianka.  She is such an interesting harpy.  From how she decides who to steal from to her decision to win Lysander, she has such an interesting perspective.  

Gwen being Bridezilla is hilarious, because I know exactly how her sisters feel... I just imagine that a harpy bridezilla is worse than my own human bridezilla sister is!

Overall, this novella is a cute filler between books.  Definitely leaves me wanting more, and I'm definitely going to read more of this series!  I highly recommend this short story!
Happy Reading!


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