Monday, February 25, 2013

Dark Nebula by W. J. May


Leery from the horrifying incident at the end of her first year at Guilder Boarding School, Rae Kerrigan is determined to learn more about her new tattoo. looks Her expectations are high, an easy senior year and a happy reunion with Devon— the boy she’s not supposed to date. All hopes of happiness fade into shattered dreams the moment she steps back on campus. 

Lies and secrets are everywhere, and a betrayal cuts Rae deeply. Among her conflicts and enemies, it appears as if her father is reaching out from beyond the grave to ruin her life. With no one to trust, Rae doesn’t know where or who to turn to for help. 

Has her destiny been written? Or will she becomes the one thing she hates the most-- her father’s prodigy.


Dark Nebula by W. J. May
4 out of 5

In this 2nd installment of this series, you get everything a reader like me needs: mystery, romance, deception, magic, and a twist that you can’t decide whether you were expecting it or not. 

Rae is going through a lot.  Graduating is a big thing when you are 17, and now she is dealing with a boyfriend she has to keep secret and the breaking of the rules about tatu’ed couples, and trying to figure out who is trying to resurrect her father’s plan.  It isn’t easy, but I think she handles it a lot better than other people would.

Kraigan was almost what I call a semi-surprise.  I was expecting this when I saw his name (yes, think really hard, but not too hard), but I still got caught by surprise by what he could do, what he knew, and what his plan was.  I think he was one horrible wanker who deserved to get his ass kicked. 

I loved meeting new characters, plus getting to revisit former characters from the last book.  New tatus, old tatus, and tatus that have grown definitely keep this story interesting. 

I enjoyed learning more about the Privy Council.  The secrets, the mystery, and the overwhelming urge to compare them to Free Masons kept me reading so I could figure out who was who, and who worked for the Privy Council.

Honestly, trust no one in this novel.  No one is who they seem, but that is one of the great things about this novel. 

Overall, this is a great book.  Highly recommend it, as I desperately wait for the next installment.  

Happy Reading!


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  1. thanks for the fantastic review! So glad you enjoyed the book!


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