Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thief by Linda Windsor


Exiled in shame and wounded in battle, Caden O’Byrne accepts a mission of penance—to search for his healer’s long-lost daughter. At worst, he’ll finally get his death wish. At best, this could be God’s second chance. But the lovely minstrel Sorcha wants no part in him, his newfound God, or the rescue. In fact, she’s robbed him blind—to help finance her work of buying young captives and returning them to their families. She’s also gone into debt and promised to marry a man she doesn’t love—all for the chidlren’s sake. But before she and Caden can sort out the situation, a treacherous murder forces them to run for their lives…together. While Caden’s rekindled faith is tested, Sorcha wonders if his God is real. If so, can a thief like her dare hope for His mercy? And do the two of them have a chance of reaching home—Sorcha’s real home—alive?

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Thief: A Novel (The Brides of Alba Series)

Caden,outcasted and punished for crimes against his family, is given an opportunity to change his life by bringing home a lost child (though now an adult) to her widowed mother. Sorcha, kidnapped as a child, now recues children brought in to be sold as slaves and return them to their families. Together they must prove their innocence and learn to rely on God and each other to survive through the dangers they must face.

In this second book in the Brides of Alba series, Linda Windsor has done it again. By using her gift of writing, she opens up her readers about a time in history where Christians lived and experienced God in ways that we may never have thought of. In every way, she does her best to follow the best historical information and does a wonderful job of giving her sources so if you want to further your own study of a time most Christians don't even realize exists.

Highly recommend this book, and I am looking forward to the last one come summer 2012!


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