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Healer by Linda Windsor


Sixth-century Scotland—in the time of Arthur….

“The Gowrys’ seed shall divide your mighty house and bring a peace beyond the ken of your wicked soul.”

Her mother’s dying prophecy to the chieftain Tarlach O’Byrne sentenced Brenna of Gowrys to twenty years of hiding. Twenty years of being hunted—by the O’Byrnes, who fear the prophecy, and by her kinsmen, who expect her to lead them against their oppressors. But Brenna is a trained and gifted healer, not a warrior queen. So she lives alone in the wilderness with only her pet wolf for company. When she rescues a man badly wounded from an ambush, she believes he may be the answer to her deep loneliness. Healing him comes as easy as loving him. But can their love overcome years of bitterness and greed…and bring peace and renewed faith to the shattered kingdom?

My Review

Healer by Linda Windsor
In the first of the Brides of Alba Series, Brenna is an orphan that is living the life of an outcast because of a prediction that her mother gave.  As a gifted healer, she cannot leave the injured man lying by the lake, even though today is the annual hunt for her.  As it turns out, Ronan, the heir and enemy, is the injured man that Brenna helps.  As they learn to love each other and to break the feud created so many years ago, they must also fight for their lives as there are those who want both dead. 
Let me say that I love Linda Windsor's books, and this one is added to my list of favorites.  Her characters are well-rounded and there are points that you just want to crawl inside the book and have a wonderfully long conversation with them (granted sometimes that is because you are yelling at the book, "What are you thinking? That is NEVER going to work!!!!").  I love that there is a bit of mystery on who is friend and who is foe, but even your enemy can become a great ally when faced with darkness. 
As with her other novels, it is well researched and full of well thought revelations that help us as modern Christians see and think as those who were Christians hundreds and thousands of years ago.  I especially love her bibliography and her glossary, both of which are big help if you are unfamilar with 6th century Scottish. 
Highly recommend this book, and I have plans on re-reading it.


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