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Covet by Melissa Darnell

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Dangerous to be together. Painful to be apart.Savannah Colbert knows she broke up with Tristan Coleman for the right reasons. Most of all, to keep from killing him with her new vampire abilities. But try telling her heart. Now, lost in a sea of hostile Clann faces, Sav tries to come to terms with what she's becoming and what that means for her future. And that someone is doing their best to bully her into making a terrible mistake.

Tristan can't believe Sav won't even talk to him. If being apart is her decision, fine. Just don't expect him to honor it. But even as he prepares to fight for the girl he loves, forces beyond their control take them both in directions neither could have foreseen or prepared for.

A reckoning is coming…and not everyone will survive.

My Review:

There are books that you wait all year for, because you know they are going to be amazing!  Let me tell you, this was definitely one of those books, and it was even better than my expectations.  

I like how this book starts exactly where Book 1 left off.  Best yet is how it is a smooth transition.  You could almost believe you are reading a new book.

Boy, did this book make me hate the Clann right from the start.  The pompous, arrogant, bigoted group needs a wakeup call (and after the end of book 2, I’m sure one is coming!).  All I keep thinking is what horrible people, especially after the torture they put Savannah and Nanna through.  Really pissed me off.  Can’t wait to see what Book 3 will do to them J.

It broke my heart for Savannah how she lost Nanna, her mom, her boyfriend, and then her dad got mixed in more.  So much heartache  in so short a time.  But I like how we get to know Savannah’s father, Michael, more. 

I LOVE the use of Celtic myth with the Keepers.  I think that Ron is a great intro to the Keepers.  I’m definitely feeling that the Keepers are going to be playing a bigger role in the next book, which makes me happy. 

It is interesting how Gowin, Savannah’s dad’s sire, comes into the book.  He is an interesting character to get to know, and how he changes the story is very interesting.  I also think it was helpful how Gowin explained how a traditional vamp changes compared to Savannah’s changes.  The vast differences and similarities were very good to know. 

The last couple of chapters of the book are both encouraging and sad.  The changes that happen, the choices that are made, and the actions taken are some of the hardest these characters have to make. It is amazing how just a few pages, a few decisions, and the whole world changes.   It also helps that in the last couple of chapters, and even the last couple of pages, the villain is revealed.  I DID NOT SEE THAT ONE COMING!!!!!  OMGoodness!  That was just an amazing twist, and all I can say is WOW!  Also the villain’s actions pretty much help set up total chaos for the next book J.

Overall, this is a great book, and I’m dying for the next book!  Highly Recommend!

Happy Reading!


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  1. Haven't started this series, but, it sounds good!!! I'm glad this wasn't a disappointment, and left you with a shocking ending! Lovely review!

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