Informational: YA Friday Fun Troupe

Place of Reads Book Blog has started a wonderful new program to help get kids reading and reviewing books.  I'm calling this program "Friday Fun With...".  I currently have 2 children (ranging from 8 to 12) who will be reading and reviewing books every Friday.  They are my YA Friday Fun Troupe.  You can see the first book review here by Mary Evelyn.  If you or anyone you know in this age range are interested in reviewing here at The Place of Reads, please feel free to email me at placeofreads at

My hope is to get these children to love reading, review books that they love, and get it out there for others to read and enjoy.  

Several of our YA Friday Fun Troupe do not have e-readers, and I want to introduce them to a lot of books that I have on e-readers.  If you would like to donate books to this program, I would be very grateful.  IF you can't, I understand, and would like to invite you to help teach these new young bloggers the gift of interviewing you after they do read your books (might take a while as I'll be gathering the books on my own if I can, or loaning the troupe my personal e-reader).  I would like to start getting these young readers to start working on something that can bring them as much joy as I have received by reading and reviewing books.  


If you have any authors that might be in the young adult category that might be willing to work with me and my YA Friday Fun Troupe, please let me know.   

To help, donate, or participate, please feel free to email me at placeofreads at gmail dot com. 

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