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Consume by Melissa Darnell


Tristan Coleman has survived the change from Clann magic user to vampire, much to Savannah Colbert's joy—and despair. By changing the Clann's golden boy and newly elected leader, even to save him from death, she has unleashed a fury of hatred and fear that they cannot escape. 

As the Clann and the vampire council go to war, Tristan and Sav face a new threat—a fracturing of the all-consuming bond they share. To fight for peace, they must forge a new trust and risk everything to take down their deadliest enemy, even as they must run for their lives. Soon they will learn that some bonds are stronger than love—and some battles cannot be won without sacrifice.

Consume by Melissa Darnell
5 out of 5

First off, I must say that I LOVE this series!  It is so unique, yet so understandable.  I loved the way the story flows, and the way it feels like a modern fairytale. 


I felt really bad for Savannah, as she dealt with turning Tristan.  It must be hard to remember tons of things while the person you have turned has amnesia.  But then when he finally remembered, and I felt the beginnings of hope for the new vampire couple to have a happy ending.  The only thing that I didn’t like about Savannah is that she carries way too much guilt about things that are not her fault. 

Poor Tristan had it rough through these books.  First his dad, and now his mom are gone.  This boy suddenly has gone from having the perfect life to having a life on the run. 

I did not like vengeful Tristan.  His desire for revenge made him completely unlikable.  And he isn’t the boy I loved in the first book. I really miss that boy.  But when he finally (and thankfully) figured out that revenge wasn’t for him, he became a man that I could really root for. 

I liked how Dylan ended up switching sides.  It wasn’t expected, but it definitely showed growth and a change in his character. 

Everything Else

Throughout this book, you are asking yourself a lot of questions:
·         On the brink of a Clann verses Vampire war, you wonder who will win, who will survive, and will the war be prevented? 
·         I’m curious about Emily’s child.  How is it draining her powers?  And is there something special about this child or is it a normal dhampir child?

I found it interesting to get to see more of the council.  But I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them. 

I love how Tristan and Savannah were able to defeat Mr. Williams, and how Mac proved he was capable of defending his friends. 

And can I just say how much I loved Joan (Savannah’s mom) and how she played with Michael at the end… Really, I loved it!


This was a beautiful conclusion to this series.  And I hate that this series ended, just because I loved the series so much.  But the way everything came together, how Tristan and Savannah got to be part of both the Clann and the Vampire Council, and how Emily became the leader she was meant to be, made this the perfect ending. 

Overall, this is an awesome book, an amazing story, and a MUST READ series.  I highly recommend it.  

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