Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Love Is Fear by Caroline Hanson


After a lot of swearing and only a little nookie, Valerie Dearborn has decided to make a change. No more lusting after Lucas, the hot, but emotionless, vampire king who can’t commit. Instead she’s going to make it work with Jack. After all, not only is he breathing, but he’s the love of her life….Isn’t he?

Valerie is an Empath, with supernatural abilities that seem to do nothing more than give her the hots for Lucas. Once upon a time, Empath’s had a purpose. They were ambassadors to the Others—Fey, Witches, Werewolves and Vampires. They could settle the emotions of a Werewolf and make Vampires feel again.

But that was long ago.

Lucas isn’t about to let Valerie go. He needs her to help him find the Fey, last seen in the Colony of Roanoke, South Carolina, circa 1587. He still believes they are the key to restoring balance to the world and the only way to keep vampires under control. They won’t trust him, but they will trust Val.
Between Jack, Lucas and Rachel, Val knows life won’t be dull. Nor will it be the normal, 2.5 kids kind of life she’s always wanted.

As their enemies close in, Val must ask herself what life is really about–trust, duty or mind-blowing orgasms? And even if she finds the answer, she may not live long enough to enjoy it.


Love Is Fear by Caroline Hanson
4 out of 5

If you have the need to read a sexy book with a little bit of mystery and a bit of action, this is the book that you need to read.  Personally, this is one of those delicious books that should be read on like a beach vacation.  It is just plain yummy.

Val isn’t as whiny in this book, as she was in the last.  Actually, it seems that she has grown up a lot.  She actually seems to be taking control of her life.  I like that. 

Lucas’ struggle to control his bloodlust towards Val is only worth as much as her resisting. The minute she wants him to, he can’t no longer resist.  I also found that it was interesting on how Lucas is trying to atone(almost) for his sins of killing the Fae and werewolves. 

As I said in my review of the first book:  Jack is an ass.  Actually, now I think he is an uber-ass!  I wouldn’t mind if Lucas kicked his ass or at least made sure he died a horrendous death.

I am not sure how I feel about Rachel.  I mean, she seems like she is the most balanced character.  She is both good and evil.  Strong and weak.  Independent and dependent.  And even what she does in the end, that doesn’t make me automatically not like her.  I think of all the characters, she is the one that is most human to me. 

Cer seems to be the Fae version of Lucas.  He uses the people around him as he sees fit for his benefit.  But in some ways, he does seem pretty honorable.  He makes it clear what he wants, what he expects, and what he will do.  It also appears that he does respect the promises that he makes. But I still don’t trust him.  He holds too many secrets to twist things to his own benefit. 

Poor Virginia Dare.  She was an innocent girl who would have saved the Fae, but unfortunately, the current Queen wasn’t willing to surrender her position and life to save the Fae.

So I found it an interesting idea on where the Lost Colony went.  But I’m not sure that I like that.  I mean, of all things, why would the houses go with the people as they enter the Fae realm?  And where were they in the Fae realm?  They never get mentioned… and that bothers me.  Unless I missed something.  Are they hiding away there?

OMGoodness!  Almost 3 chapters, back to back, that are extremely steamy and just plain sexy!  Oh my *Fanning myself*! Finally, Val and Lucas get some satisfaction and a lot of the sexual tension/stress out of the way!  While the first book was nothing but foreplay, this book gets to the heart of what they both have been playing with – each other.

Surprisingly, I didn’t find this book as dark as the first book.  This book gives a lot more back story about the Fae, the werewolves, Cer, and Lucas.  There is a lot of fear references, but overall, there was a lot of happier moments in this book than the first one.

Overall, I found this book quite enjoyable.  I’m looking forward to reading more by this author. 

Happy Reading!


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