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Bewitching Book Tour: Her Loving Husband’s Curse By Meredith Allard


How far will you go to protect the one you love?

Finally, after many long and lonely years, James Wentworth’s life is falling into place. Together with his wife, Sarah, the only woman he has ever loved, he has found the meaning behind her nightmares about the Salem Witch Trials, and now they are rebuilding the life they began together so long ago.

But the past is never far behind for the Wentworths. While Sarah is haunted by new visions, now about the baby she carried over three hundred years before, James is confronted with painful memories from his time with the Cherokee on the Trail of Tears. Through it all, the persistent reporter Kenneth Hempel reappears, still determined to prove that the undead walk the earth. If Hempel succeeds in his quest, James and Sarah will suffer. Will the curse of the vampire prevent James and Sarah from living their happily ever after?


Meredith Allard is the Executive Editor of The Copperfield Review,  an award-winning literary journal for readers and writers of historical fiction. She received her B.A. and M.A. degrees in English from California State University, Northridge. She has taught writing to students aged 10 to 60, and she has taught creative writing and writing historical fiction workshops at Learning Tree University, UNLV, and the Las Vegas Writers Conference. Her writing has appeared in journals such as The Paumanok Review,  Moondance, Wild Mind,Muse Apprentice Guild, The Maxwell Digest, CarbLite, Writer’s Weekly, and ViewsHound. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.


My Review:

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This novel picks up a year after the first novel.  James and Sarah continue to live life, making up for 300 years of being apart.  Their family is even completed when Grace, their re-incarnated child, finally joins them by adoption.  Everything seems to be going perfectly, except for the reporter is still out there trying to “out” vampires. 

I loved Geoffrey so much.  I know, I know, irritating vampire, the maker of James, but he is too funny.  His constant nickname for Sarah “puny human” makes me giggle, because in my head it is said with the perfect amount of love for her and disdain for her being human all mixed up together.  I also enjoy Geoffrey living in the 21st century, but not knowing names and uses of certain modern technology.  It is like he is living in a cave when he calls a blackberry a “bumbleberry” and an iPod and “iPig”.  I laughed through the whole conversation.  I think there were clues to who Geoffrey actually is in this book, and I’m dying to find out!  I think that Geoffrey will be a great character to get to know better.

Sarah is a great character, as she has grown a lot in the last year.  She has almost completely come to accept her past life as well as her current one.  She is stronger because of it and is ready to face almost any challenge.

James is a bit angsty, which makes it harder to connect to him.  What with his guilt about the past 300 years, and for being a vampire.  Actually, that seems to be his biggest regret.  But in the end, his courage is what makes this book great.  Because we all have to get over our regrets to become the person we need to be.

This book is definitely darker than the first book in this trilogy.  With the discussion of human rights with the Trail of Tears and the parallel occurrences of rights for vampires, you can be sure that this book is going to make you think.  It makes you think about our country’s history, about whether we actually have changed as humans in response to people/creatures that are different from us. 

I had a hard time when the television segments were written.  There was no real distinction to let you know that you are reading a television show the characters are watching or if the characters are thinking.  Also, the journal entries are a bit confusing.  They are separated out by italics, but there is no date, and we only have the assumption that James is the one who has written these journal entries.  All of this could have been made clearer with appropriate labels and font distinctions. 

Overall, this is a great book.  I’m really looking forward to reading the next book (2013 can’t come fast enough!).  I highly recommend it!

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Her Dear & Loving Husband
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James Wentworth has a secret. He lives quietly in Salem, Massachusetts, making few ties with anyone. One night his private world is turned upside down when he meets Sarah Alexander, a dead ringer for his wife, Elizabeth. Though it has been years since Elizabeth's death, James cannot move on. 

Sarah also has a secret. She is haunted by nightmares about the Salem Witch Trials, and every night she is awakened by visions of hangings, being arrested, and dying in jail. Despite the obstacles of their secrets, James and Sarah fall in love. As James comes to terms with his feelings for Sarah, he must dodge accusations from a reporter desperate to prove that James is not who, or what, he seems to be. Soon James and Sarah piece their stories together and discover a mystery that may bind them in ways they never imagined. Will James make the ultimate sacrifice to protect Sarah and prevent a new hunt from bringing hysteria to Salem again? 

Part historical fiction, part romance, part paranormal fantasy, Her Dear & Loving Husband is a story for anyone who believes that true love never dies.

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    1. Well, I'd love to say who i think Geoffrey is, but i have a feeling it world be a spoiler!
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